Luca-Novian parliamentary election, 2011

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The Luca-Nova Parliament Elections 2011, were the second ever Parliamentary elections in Luca-Nova history. The previous government was the Labour-Luca government led by Heidi Luca, she said she would step down as prime minister but continue to vote as a not elected Lord. The election was again won by the Labour Party with six seats again. Michael Villanova became Prime Minister with the large government majority.

Parliamentary Elections

The members were elected by territory/district. The makeup of appointed and elected seats still is used today:

  • North Yonkers: One elected and one appointed
  • Brooklyn Central: two elected and two appointed
  • Ireland and Britain: One elected and one appointed
  • Germany: One elected and one appointed
Total Lords
Parties Votes % Seats +/-
Labour Party 45 47.9 6 +1
Conservative Party 23 24.5 2 -1
Liberal Party 16 17.0 2 +0
Socialist Alternative/Green Party Coalition 10 10.6 0 +0
Total 94 100%

North Yonkers District

2011 North Yonkers Result
Parties/Candidate Votes %
Michael Villanova 16 66.6
Wesley Mouch 4 16.7
Mick Deen 4 16.7
Total 24 100%

Labour Party frontbencher Michael Villanova was re-elected for another year and with that also was later named Prime Minister.

Brooklyn Central District

As usual two Lords were elected and voters were given at most two votes for two different candidates.

2011 Brooklyn Central Result
Parties/Candidate Votes %
Mary Luca 17 37.0
Harry Luca 16 34.8
Erik Luca 9 19.6
Jeremy Red 2 4.3
Garry Hurley 2 4.3
Total 46 100%

The Labour and Liberal Party candidates, Mary and Harry Luca were elected for a second term.

Ireland and Britain

2011 Ireland and Britain Result
Parties/Candidate Votes %
Gerard Nome 5 55.6
Frank Nome 4 45.4
Total 9 100%

In a surprising election, the Labour party won the Ireland and Britain seat.


2011 Germany Result
Parties/Candidate Votes %
Carmine Luca 6 40.0
Gerard Luca 5 33.3
Austin Nome 4 26.7
Total 15 100%

The electorate was unchanged, sending the conservative Lord Carmine Luca to Parliament again.