Lower Copan

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Lower Copan
—  Province  —

Motto: Iin Gjiifvfod ad omnmanes (Share food to all)
Country Royal Empire of Copan
Region Outer Copan
Lower Copan Late Third Era
Founder Emperor Deshaki I
Administrative Division Miinlond
 - Arch-Governor Da'alpran Kelosh
Area code(s) MNL

Lower Copan is a Province level administrative division that borders The Farmlands, Lower Wodanlond and The Crossing Lands. Lower Copan has existed since the late third era when Emperor Deshaki I created a standing in the previously, mostly unihabitted region.


Historically Miinlond has been used as a trade hub for inner copan to the outer copan area

Classification & Government

Miinlond is an administrative division of Copan that holds 3 seats in the national council. Krosziiglond is split into Three Municipalities: Bendem, Kokstad, Veldah