Louis I of Talossa

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Louis Guzman was the fourth King of Talossa. Himself a scion of the royal House of Rouergue, Louis was adopted in Talossan law as heir by his step-grandfather King Robert I (Robert Ben Madison), and inherited the throne after Madison's abdication on 15 August 2005. As a minor, his reign was overseen by a regent, Dr. Gregory Rajala, who was appointed by Talossa's Uppermost Court. In response to a request from the young King's mother, the Talossan parliament, acting as his legal guardian under Talossan law, abdicated the throne on his behalf on 29 November 2006. As Louis was the only Talossan remaining in his royal house, the Talossan crown lay vacant until, per the Kingdom's Organic Law (Constitution), it was filled by election in March 2007.