Liberal Social Party

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Liberal Social Party
HeadquartersAllenfeld-Provinz, Föderationsobjekt Merch, Canited
Membership (2022)9
Political positionCentre to Centre-right
Colors  Yellow
Slogan"Für ein Land mit Zukunft" (engl: For a country with future)
4 / 9
3 / 6

The Liberal Social Party (abbreviation LSP) is a political party in the Democratic Federation Republic of Canited, in the centre to centre right of the political spectrum. The LSP was the governing party in 2021 and 2022. In 2021, it was the senior coalition partner in a coalition with the Republican Party, in 2022 they were able to achieve an absolute majority.

The beginnings of the Liberal Social Party date back to the early days of Canited. It was founded as a counterpart to communist rule, which was overthrown only a few days later. The LSP also helped govern the interim government after the fall of the communist government. Since the first elections in Canited, the LSP has participated in government, each time as the largest governing party.


The Revolution

The Liberal Social Party was founded on the 6th of November 2021 by Felix as a counterpart to the communist regime. As the biggest opposition party, they were able to overthrow the communist government. A democratic state was implemented in Canited. The LSP declared itself as the interim government until the elections on the 1st of December 2021. During this time, which is referred to as the "Beginning" by many Canitalese citizens, two new parties were formed: The Republican Party and the Socialist Unity Party (now ReformCanited).

The first election (1.12.2021)

The Liberal Social Party decided on the slogan "Die Freiheit für Dich" (Engl: The Freedom for You) for this first election. On election day the LSP got 49% of the votes (old voting system), (SUP 31%, RP 10%, LDB 10%).

For that reason, the Liberal Social Party got 4 Senators and 4 Ministers.

To get the majority, they decided to start a coalition with Republican Party.

The governing time

Under the LSP as the ruling party, Canited has developed into a serious Micronation.

The april governing crises

Despite the successful period, there were conflicts in the party and in the coalition on some issues the so-called Ukraine coalition (yellow for LSP, blue for Republican Party) disagreed a lot. Also the LSP itself. The left-liberal wing, which is the majority in the party, with Nils (digital minister) in the middle, and the classical liberal wing led by Felix (foreign minister and party leader) had different views on how to govern the country.

The classical liberal wing wanted a regulation that would force parties to cooperate. This was strongly opposed by the left wing. This was only one of many points of contention in the party.

The second elections 20.10.2022

In the second election, the LSP is running with the slogan "Für ein Land mit Zukunft" (Engl: "For a country with a future"), naturally with the aim of being re-elected. After the election the LSP was re-elected with 70% and therefore did not have to enter into a coalition, as it has an absolute majority.


The Liberal Social Party positions itself as centre to centre-right and has some similarities with the german FDP. It sees itself between the conservative right-wing Republican Party and the left-liberal socialist Left Liberal Party (former Socialist Unity Party). The Liberal Social Party wants an open-minded society without discrimination and it wants to strengthen the LGBTQ community. The financial policy is a focus of the party, however, taxes are rejected. Everyday life should be as easy as possible and should not be thwarted. Nevertheless, there should be a social welfare program.

Leadership and Membership


To become a member you have to be a citizen of Canited or have special permission. As a member, you can elect the chairman and you have a say in the election programme.


The current Chairman is Felix. To become Chairman someone has to propose someone other than himself if this person gets the most votes he becomes chairman.

International relations

The Liberal Social Party has relations with the Liberal Socialist Party of Kelko. The LSP does not want to enter into negotiations with the K.R.P.