Lega A Elec

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The Lega A Elec is the most important football championship of Luxe.

Lega A Elec
Lega a.jpg
Official Logo
Founded2017 (championship) 2020 (Elec sponsor)
RegionLuxeflag.svg Repubblica democratica di Luxe
Current championsVirtus Luxe (2st title)
Most successful club(s)Virtus Luxe
Television broadcastersLife News


The championship was founded in 2017 in view of the growing popularity of the sport in Luxe. Citizens organized themselves into their respective teams. To date, the championship hosts 4 teams, 7 players and is managed by the Ministry of Sport.


Logo Name Players
VirtusLuxe.png Virtus Luxe 1
Legio lvxe.jpg Legio Lvxe 2
Banca di luxe.jpg Banca di Luxe 2
Virtus trento.jpg Virtus Trento 2



Logo Name Players
VirtusLuxe.png Virtus Luxe Giacomo Carreca
Legio lvxe.jpg Legio Lvxe Luca Mirante, Mohamed Urgi
Banca di luxe.jpg Banca di Luxe Fabrizio Bortolotti, Filippo Abramov
Virtus trento.jpg Virtus Trento Geraldo Shaba, Noel Caci



Legio Lvxe 4-3 Virtus Trento

Virtus Luxe 7-2 Banca di Luxe


  • Red and Yellow is the old name of Virtus Luxe