Law Book of the Kingdom of Kaniland

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The Kanilandic Law Book Law I- Royal Family I.1- Either the king or queen controls the entire Kingdom until he or she is under health issues, or dies. I.2- If the King or Queen dies, the throne is passed over to the other until he or she dies. If both have died, then the throne is given to the eldest prince or princess. If he or she cannot take responsibility for the Kingdom, or is below the age of 10, the Kingdom’s leader is voted upon decision like a democracy until the prince or princess comes of age. If the prince or princess does not take responsibility for the the Kingdom and its needs, she can offer it to his or her siblings for control.

Law II- Amending the Law’s

II.1- The ruler of the Kingdom may create new laws at any times as well as change them. Only do they have to check and secure the law with the rest of the Royal Family. II.2- The Law Book is monitored by the ruler of the Kingdom and no one else.

Law III- Freedom of Speech, Race, Religion and Gender

III.1- Citizens of the Kingdom of Kaniland have the right to say whatever they want to say, without being discriminated or abused in any way. III.2- Citizens of the Kingdom of Kaniland will not be discriminated or abused for the color of their skin, race, or religion in any way. Citizens have the right to change and declare their religion and speak to others in non-offending ways about theirs. III.3- Citizens of the Kingdom of Kaniland have the right to change and declare their gender in any way they would like. They will not be discriminated or abused for this and will not be for the difference in gender between two different gendered citizens.

Law IV- Gay and Lesbian Rights

IV.1- All Gay and Lesbian citizens have the same rights as any other citizens. IV.2- Gay and Lesbian citizens will not be discriminated or abused because of their lifestyle. IV.3- Gay and Lesbian citizens may get married to each other if they would like.

Law V- Right to Press

V.1- Before the Press publishes any article that may contain unauthorized personal information, they must confirm with the people who are in it if it is okay. V.2- If a citizen wishes to have an article in the Press they must be 10 years old or older. V.3- If the Press wishes for any citizen to be in an article, they must respect the citizens rights.

Law VI- Citizenship Rights and Obtainment

VI.1- All people who want to become a citizen are aloud. They must first fill out a document in which they are to confirm their citizenship and to receive 3 days after their original requestment. VI.2- All citizens are aloud to resign and move elsewhere. Any citizen who has been living outside of the Kingdom of Kaniland for over 5 months will have their citizenship automatically taken away from the Royal Family.

Law VII- Health Bans

VII.1- Alcohol, Cigarettes, E- Cigarettes, Cigars, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine are banned from the Kingdom of Kaniland due to the health issues they may cause some citizens. VII.2- If any citizen is found with, using, or selling these items, they will be penalized for their actions by a punishment for an amount of time which is to be chosen by the ruler of the Kingdom of Kaniland. If a citizen is involved with any of these health hazards, they will be helped by personal life trainers until they feel as if we can let them go.

Law VIII- Health Insurance and Requirements

VIII.1- Health Insurance will be provided to those whose legal status is not good and to all who can not afford it for free. If citizens can pay, then they will be given a guaranteed 3 month warranty for their insurance. Prices will be listed by the company in which they chose to invest in. VIII.2- Only citizens of the Kingdom of Kaniland will be aloud to use the Kanilandic Insurance Co. for their insurance.