Labronic People's Army

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The Labronic People's Army (Italian: Esercito Popolare Labronico, Labronic: Есерцито Пополаре Лабронико, Esperanto: Livorna Popula Militistaro), abbreviated as the LPA, is the army of Rosignano. It is controlled by the Labronic Workers' Party.

Labronic People's Army
Esercito Popolare Labronico (Italian)
Esercito Popolare Labronico.png
Coat of Arms of LPA
Active 2018–present
Country LPRoR
Role Armed Forces
Size not classified
Part of Department of Military
Motto Глориоси ди сервире ла ностра демокразиа!
Anniversaries February 18th, 2018
Engagements Classified
Marshall of LPA Sorvaino
First Commander of LPA Messia Moresby

Labronic armed forces

Labronic Armed Forces (Forze Armate Labroniche, Форзе Армате Лабронике) are the Armed Forces of Labronic People's Army. Virtually there are present 156 troups.

In degreeses it's formed by:

  • Caporal Major Chief Chosen (Caporal Maggiore Capo Scelto, 'Апорал Маггиоре Капо Шерто)
  • Caporal Major Chief (Caporal Maggiore Capo, 'Апорал Маггиоре Капо)
  • Caporal Major Chosen (Caporal Maggiore Scelto, 'Апорал Маггиоре Шерто)
  • Caporal Major (Caporal Maggiore, 'Апорал Маггиоре) (Fourth Orden)
  • Caporal(Caporale, 'Апорале) (Third orden)
  • Soldier (Soldato, Сордато) (First and Second Orden)

Pegasus air forces

Pegasus Air Forces (Aeronatutica del Pegaso, Аеронаути'а дер Пегасо) are the Air Forces of LPA. Pegasus is the animal symbol of LPRoR, and it's also the animal represenctative of Labronic Air Forces, because Pegasus can fly. Virtually there are present 74 troups and 4 military planes.

Labronic navy (Triglie d'Assalto)

Labronic Navy (Marina Militare Labronica, Марина Милитаре Лаброни'а) also know as "Triglie d'assalto" (Assault Mullets), are the Navy of LPA. Mullet are the fish symbol of Livorno City. Virtually there are present 324 Troups, 3 Assault Submarines and 5 Ships