Krebariak drent

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Krebariak drent
Official usersFlag55.png Krebaria
Coins1ȡ, 2ȡ
Banknotes5ȡ, 10ȡ, 50ȡ, 100ȡ, 250ȡ
Central bankCentral Bank of Krebaria
PrinterVerosburg Mint
MintVerosburg Mint

The Krebariak drent is the official currency of the Republic of Krebaria. The drent comes in 5, 10, 50, 100, and 250 notes, coming in 1 and 2 for coins. The drent is currently used in the sale of goods from markets, but in the future, will be used for things like gas, clothing, appliances, and more. The drent was originally created on 5 April 2020 as the main currency base for Krebaria. Currently, the only currency it can be converted into is the United States dollar.


Picture of a 5 Drent banknote.
Picture of a 10 Drent banknote.
Picture of a 50 Drent banknote.