Malavnian korona

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Malavnian Korona
50Korona2015Front.png 25Hř.png
ISO 4217
PluralAs Malavnian is a Slavic language, there is more than one way to phrase the plural form of this word.
Banknotes2 Korona, 5 Korona, 10 Korona, 20 Korona, 50 Korona, 100 Korona, 500 Korona, 1000 Korona
Coins10 Hřona, 25 Hřona, 50 Hřona
User(s)MalavnianFlag.png Malavnia
Central bankNational Bank of Malavnia

The Korona is the currency unit of the Republic of Malavnia. One korona is divided into 100 hřona, a unit that is represented in three denominations, the 10 Hř coin, the 25 Hř coin and the 50 Hř coin.


Immediately after the founding of Malavnia, banknotes started to be printed to enable trade and commerce between individuals or establishments.


2015 Series

Image Value Dimensions Main colour Description
2Korona2015Front.png 2 Korona 140 x 69.85 mm Red Young Franz Liszt
5Korona2015Front.png 5 Korona 143.1 x 71.628 mm Dark green Depicts Vladislav Hviezdoslav
10Korona2015Front.png 10 Korona 147 x 73.41 mm Olive Green Portrays Vladislav Blažej, a prolific anthropologist.
20Korona2015Front.png 20 Korona 7.28 x 16.99 cm Light Blue Mirošłav Medved, a famous Malavnian scientist.
50Korona2015Front.png 50 Korona 7.28 x 16.99 cm Gold Miłoš Štefánik , a prominent mathematician renowned for his extensive studies of calculus.
100Korona2015Front.png 100 Korona 7.28 x 16.99 cm Violet Jiří Cierník , a Malavnian author.

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