Konigshaven University

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University of Konigshaven
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Coat of arms
Latin: Universitas Regia Konigshafniensis
Established18 May, 2022
ChancellorTheo LeBlanc
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The University of Konigshaven (Aspenish: Kungshavn Universitet; abbreviated as UoK) is a collegiate public research university located in Kungshavn, Aspen. The university was established by a royal charter in 2022 and is regulated by the University of Konigshaven Act 2022.


The University of Konigshaven was founded in 2022 in order to provide a source of education for the rapidly growing civil society and institutions of the Kingdom of Aspen. Initial degrees focused on training diplomats and Church of Aspen clergy members.

Organization and administration

The organization of the University of Konigshaven is determined by both the Charter and the University of Konigshaven Act. These two documents established two organs for the administration of the University: the Board of Regents and the Academic Senate.

As a collegiate university, the University of Konigshaven is structured as a federation, composed of a number of institutions. the central administration of the university is headed by the Vice-Chancellor.

Central administration

The formal head of the University is the Chancellor, currently Theo LeBlanc, although this position is ceremonial in nature. the Chancellor is elected by the members of the Academic Senate and formally appointed by the King and holds office for a term of two years.

The Vice-Chancellor is the de facto head of the university. the Vice-Chancellor is elected in the same manner as the Chancellor.

The highest governing authority of the University of Konigshaven is the Board of Regents, consisting of twelve members. Members of the Board of Regents serve two-year terms. As with the Chancellor, the members of the Board of Regents are elected by the Academic Senate and formally appointed by the King.

The Academic Senate is the highest academic body of the University of Konigshaven. It consists of all professors of the university, as well as a number of elected student representatives - one from each faculty. It is responsible for authorizing degree programs, issuing degrees to graduates, and managing student discipline. The Vice Chancellor is the head of the Academic Senate.


To be a member of the University of Konigshaven, all students and academic staff must be a member of a college. There are currently twelve colleges of the university, four of which are residential colleges. The primary college for undergraduate students is University college.

Colleges primarily serve as ceremonial institutions with most of the central administration of the university being handled by the Central Administration. The University College is the only undergraduate teaching college, however there are three specialty schools: the School of Business, the School of Law, and the School of Theology. Students may also be members of a residential college, which handles on-campus residency. Each college is headed by a Rector, elected by and from the fellows of the college.

Academic profile


As with other institutions of higher learning in the Kingdom of Aspen, prospective students apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Board. Examination is required for all foreign students and for students from private institutions not accredited by the National School Accreditation Board.

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