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Adonian Socialism is the national ideology of the People's Republic of Adonia. Adonian Socialism holds beliefs that are similar to Socialism (including versions of Socialism, like Titoism and Libertarian Socialism), Centrism, and Left Wing Populism. It holds the idea that the People must become Self Reliant and be Self Determining, that the People must all lead themselves through a dictatorship of the people, and that a society's job is to assist the people in existence through the implementation of protection of human rights, protection of ideas and items of cultural and historical importance, and a United and Collective society.

The Hammer and Paintbrush of Adonian Socialism (The Hammer representing the Working Class of a Society and the Paintbrush representing the intellectuals of a society.)

Political beliefs

Adonian Socialism mainly focuses on policies of Left Wing Populism, Centrism, and Socialism (including versions of it).

Adonian Socialism emphasizes 5 major ideas for a society to work:

  • Self Determination and Self Reliance

  • People’s Dictatorship (Commonly called Dictorship of the People)

  • A United and Collective Society

  • Cultural and Historical Protection

  • Human Rights for the People

In Adonian Socialist theory, man is defined as a self determining and self reliant species that works for itself and its own freedom and protections. Mankind is therefore too focused on the dangers that other societies provide, issues such as Crime, Imperialism of a foreign power, competition that could result in greater suffering, inability to care for itself, and inability to stand against oppressive forces. In Adonian Socialist society, it is emphasized that mankind become self determining and self reliant in order to not become dependent on society, nor become dependent on other societies.

In an Adonian Socialist society, a People’s Dictorship, or Dictatorship of the People is to be implemented on the basis that mankind should and needs to lead itself. One man is chosen for this position, however, most decisions in the society are made on what the people want, rather than anything else. Ensuring this through a set of rules and regulations for the Premiership position. The People’s Dictatorship also allows for the People of a society to remove the Premier or any official in that society if the People feel they are not represented adequately or if the individual is abusing their power or their rights for their own gain. Religion does not have a place of power within Adonian Socialist society, due to the fact that the People would then be relying on a deity, rather than themselves, which would cause society many issues in its development.

Unity and Collectivism would be the main driving force in an Adonian Socialist society. However, some forms of individualism would need to remain for the benefit of the society. Unity of the People in a society would allow for the society to achieve great things, and protect the natural rights of Mankind. Collectivism would encourage a greater United front within the society, and collectivism would also promote a friendlier environment for the society and protect itself from endangering itself.

In an Adonian Socialist, Historical and Cultural Ideas, Traditions, Artifacts and other items of importance would be protected and encouraged to be protected. Any traditions, or ideas that are considered obsolete for society would be tossed aside or be changed in a transitional manner to ensure that the cultural or historical item doesn’t endanger the nation. Adonian Socialism fully recognizes that historical and cultural ideas, traditions, artifacts and other items of importance would benefit the society and therefore, it’s to be protected.

In Adonian Socialism, Human rights such as education, healthcare, housing, freedom of speech, religion and petition, and other ideas would be protected and guaranteed for the People of the society. Recognizing the importance of the protection and the rights of the people, Adonian Socialism emphasizes that each man in a society is to be completely free to his own life and path with his country.

Adonian Socialism would also allow for the smaller presence of a market to produce wealth at the various people of the society and wealth for the society as a whole, rather than a few people at the top. The wealth generated would be distributed around the society to improve upon itself or its citizens lives. Most wealth would be focused on going to the people and the society, rather than anywhere else.

Rather than just handing out necessities for free, Adonian Socialism emphasizes the idea of working for the societies benefit and some personal benefit = basic necessities. Adonian Socialist society emphasizes the idea of mankind working for itself and only itself and its benefit, rather than the benefit of one businessman.

Each Position and what they do in Adonian Socialist Society

Premier: The Premier within an Adonian Socialist Society is the head of state until the passing of the Premier and or if he/she/they are deemed unfit for office and or is removed from office by the people. Then, an election for a new Premier will take place. They are in charge of most of society's operations and their goal is to take care of the people. They make many decisions which are to be either reviewed by the Politburo, or the People.

The Politburo: The Politburo within Adonian Socialist Society is the main legislative force of society and head of the government. It creates the laws of the land and assists the people in the path of their destiny. It is mainly filled with the Governors of Each Commune and the Premier. It is the main guiding force of a society.

Communal Governor: A Communal Governor, Or just Governor, is the head of state of a Commune until either their passing, they are deemed unfit, or they are removed. In which, An election is held. They are the driving force behind a Commune and its people and they are also the main fighting force of a Commune along with the People. They suggest laws to put into effect based on their people's judgment and or their own judgment. Governors should strive to be on the side of the People and only the People of a society.

Commune: Similar to Provinces, a Commune is naturally defined as a group of self-sustaining people. However, In a Society, Communes are similar to how Provinces/States function. They mainly have separate cultures, or even separate identities, but are united into one binding force of a society that maintains its cultural aspects and maintains its function as a uniting force under a banner.

The People’s Court: The People’s Court is the main force that enforces law within society. It selects a few people from society to judge on a criminal. The system ensures that a fair and just trial is held based on evidence, and not exploitation of the system. The People’s Court is based on the idea that the People shall guide themselves and be self-reliant of themselves.

The People: The main fighting force of society, The people are the top priority of society, and their well-being, happiness, and approval must be a number 1 concern within society. The idea of self-reliance of the People is another concern within society as they should not always depend on the top heads of society for guidance. Their destiny depends 100% on them and you must help the People find their self-reliance and help them get there.

Micronations and or Regions that follow Adonian Socialism