Kocistani constitutional referendum, 2017

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The Constutional Referendum was the most important constitutional change in Kocistan's history.


Voted Votes %
Yes 82 76%
No 21 21%
Total 103 97%
Source: Kocistan State


1: The Monarchy should be abolished and be changed with a semi-presidential system 2: The Laksonian anthem and hymn should be abolished 3: the State of Laksonia will be abolished and replaced by the Republic of Kocistan 4: More powers should be given to president 5: President must have no rights to make referendums about power 6: Vice-President should be abolished 7: the Minister of State should be abolished 8: Prime Minister and President shall be sat on 9: The new president will enter a new incubation. 10: The Prime Minister will be Head of Parliament 11: The National Congress will be abolished 12: The National Assembly, Parliament, and Kocistani Congress will be sat up. 13: Coat of Arms and Flag, will be changed 14: The constitution shall be abolished 15: A new constitution shall be written, shall also have danish constitutional pieces 16: President have right to make executive orders 17: President can dissolve parliament. 18: President can make Referendum 19: President can set Citizen Law


Republic of Kocistan