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Лучше завтра. Лучше нас.
Kitche chow
Capital cityKitche chow
Official language(s)Kaaptov, Russian, Japanese
- PresidentДжек Сталин
LegislatureDirect democracy
Area claimed42.2m squared
Population82 (as of 2003 census)
Currencyyen, kiku
Time zoneUTC
National animalPuffer fish


Kitche was named after the Japanese soldier, who got stationed on this island in ww2. The main kitche island(Kitche chow), is 1 mile big in square feet, and holds 2 volcanoes.This land was used as an area for Japanese defense, in ww2. For many years, this was used for defense stations against enemys, It actually now a home to people who consider themselves not Russian or Japanese, but Kitche's. Kitche is now well and active.


It was the year 1945, and ww2 was coming to its end. This island was being used as defense against U.S. from the east, and China from the north.On the islands were 4 anti-air, 5 squads of soldiers, 3 b-17's, and 1 tank. This islands were later attacked by a U.S. plane squad, and every thing was bombed. According to the citizens of Kitche, only 1 soldier was left alive, after the attack. His name was Mariku Kitche. In 1946, Russia gained control over the island, because of its ocean border expansion. Russia then named the islands, but left it alone.At this time, Japanese people who lived on the islands, before ww2 have dwindled to 5 people. Those 5 people, did there best to survive, because moving to Japan would get them arrested, because they come from another country's land, and they could not go into main land Russia because they have no citizenship.Later in time, Russian and Japanese citizens moved to this island, and the population rised. In 1982, there was a recorder 67 citizens. In 2010, the citizens declared the islands their own country. In 2019, the United islands of america grand representative took a visit to kitche. After some meetings, the president of kitche decided to become a state of the United islands of america.

Goverment and politics

The government in Kitche is very basic. There is an election for a new president, every 10 years, and an election for religious leader every 30 years. The religious leader gives guidance to the president, so the president, can make good decisions. The people, and the bible make the religious leader, make good decisions.The katari is a military squad leader. There are only 5 katari's on Kitche. There is also mayors for towns, town priests,town over see-er, and town safety manager. Because of low population, people usually take more then one roll.

Law and order

The law and order for Kitche is very advanced, but I will go over the basis. There is a book full of 1000 rules, and it is called the law of laws. It was made in medieval times, but it is used in Kitche. If someone goes against the rules, they get a warning, and gets sent to kitche chows cold house facility, where they get left into the cold all night, with a chain connected to a pole. If they break a rule again, they get sent to there home country, or get sent to Russia.Things like killing though, can get you kicked out instantly.


Kitche has formed a military after the cold war, when tensions started getting high. They first started off with people who would shoot any non- Russian person who came to the island, if they did not have any documents. These people were called kitche-koans. Then they started expanding in 1997, and started a division, for if there was ever invaders, there was people to fight them off. They also started many ways to block off invaders, like having boat patrols.They have three types of soldiers. Defenders, patrollers, and kitche-koans. Each one serves a great purpose.The number of people in the military though is 23, so they might have trouble later on.

Geography and climate

The geography is very harsh for its citizens.It is much like Japan, and is covered with mountains, and volcanoes. One island, is just a volcano.No volcanoes in the area have erupted in the last 100 years, but the people there are still scared of the volcanoes.All of the islands, have open grasslands in valleys, and dense Forrest on mountains. In kitche the temperature is very warm, because it is near the equator. It gets very cold in the mountains, and snows sometimes.


The currency on Kitche is mostly Kiku, but yen is also allowed on the island. One kiku, is about 10 cents of right now. Kiku value is rising though, due to trade. In 2020, it is predicted that a kiku will be the same amount as a usd dollar. To buy a loaf of bread in kitche, would be 100 kiku/ 10usd. It is not just a bigger amount, but the bread is twice as expensive as in the united states. Most items in Kitche are expensive, because it only gets 100lb of supplies once a month.


The culture is very diverse. 25% are foreigners, 25% are Japanese natives, and 50% are Russian. Japanese natives, behave culturally like Japanese people, and Russians like Russian people. Those who are half Russian, and half Japanese, behave different then them in culture though. They live differently, and they celebrate the hafu festival, where they recognize that they are the birth of two nations coming together.There is more to the culture, but I have only been to the country once, and I can't really say much.


Kitche has Russian radio, Tv, and books. Everything they have in media is Russian. Sometimes you will see a mix of Japanese media though.

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