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Pendit Terram
Bee flag.png

celeri vindictae
42.298113, -93.639759
Capital cityN/A
Largest cityJewell
Official language(s)English, Tagalog
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameTerramia
Area claimed.3 acre
Time zoneCentral Daylight Time (non DLS observant)

On the day December 25, 2018 of the Julian calendar, the great nation of Kirlikitolia has been created as a response to perceived injustice and corrupt rule of the warlords of Iowa. This rule has been predicted to be a long and fruitful enterprise


The Independent Province of Mancunia was founded on 24 May 2014 . The Grand Duchy was founded on the 26 January 2014 and Mancunia founded on 4 February 2014. This proposal was put forward by the Grand Duke of the Den to the King of Mancunia as Mancunia was slowly descending into inactivity and both nations liked and helped each other and had similar goals.



Territorial Claims

While Kirlikitolia is a fledgling nation, its ambiotns are to control large swaths of the great planes and Mississippi river valley.

Kirlikitolia conglomerates

Teritoris controled inside of Several townships in the current state Iowa.

Geography and Climate



the Multicultural background of the population of Kirlikitolia, lends to a complex and vibrant life of the populous .

National Flag and Seal

A Purple feild symbolizing weilth and tranquility is behind a roayal be indicating the furtility of its land and people.


this has yet to be determined

National Anthem

As the nation grows it will aquire more musical tallent. Until that time the unoficial cadence to the nation shall be declared as Queens "flash Gordon"


There is no main religion in Kirlikitolia and the Queen Regent is officially Christian but all religions are welcome and accepted.

National and Bank Holidays

Non dictated by the Queen Regent.


English, German, and Japanese

National Symbols

Mancunia passed a law on the 13 August 2014 allowing there to be official state sanctioned symbols. So far they are:

Imperial Flag = War bee.png

Card Game = Yu-Gi-Oh

Dish =

Drink =

Wild Animal = Fat red squirl

Animal = Maine coon

Mythical Beast = Dryad

Bird = Red Hawk

Patron Saint = St greg



Foreign Relations

None as of this moment


The Government Finances are boasting a surplus of everthing as of now.

Organisation Memberships


Other Services


Royal Family

The population



Law and Order

Death by time .