Kingdom of Williamsburg

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Republic of Williamsburg

I vow to thee my country
New York United States
Capital cityFort Johnson
Official language(s)English
- ChancellorRobert B. Williams IV
Area claimed2 acres
CurrencyUS Dollar
National sportBowling
National animalEastern Bluebird

The Kingdom of Williamsburg is a micronation that is located in Liverpool, New York, which was founded on 31 of March 2020 by Robert Williams IV who also serves as the first Czar. The nation's total land size is about 2 acres and its capital is Fort Johnson.


The government system is an Elective Monarchy based on the government of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Czar is elected for life or until he/she abdicates the throne. Once the Czar leaves the throne, an election takes place to choose the next Czar. The Czars' job is to protect the rights of all citizens and enforcing the law. The legislation in the Kingdom occurs in the Duma. The Duma is made up of senators from all over the Kingdom, the amount of senators depends on the number of citizens in the Kingdom. The Dumas' job is to create legislation, legislation is passed if a simple majority rules in favor. However, the Czar can veto any legislation drafted by the Duma. If a vote in the Duma has 85% of the vote or higher, the legislation is enacted. The only way the Czar can be removed from office involuntarily is if 2/3 of citizens vote for impeachment and 72% of the Duma votes to impeach. The election for senators takes place every odd year on July first. The final part of the Federal government is the courts. All judges are appointed by the Czar and approved of by the Duma, the judges serve for 10 years but can be removed from office by request of the Duma. The highest court, the Supreme Court, also checks the powers of the other branches of government and can recall a bill that infringes upon the constitution. Lower courts are used for cases that involve civilians.


The Kingdom was founded by former Onontakeken Chancellor, Robert Williams. A provisional government was set up by Robert Williams that allows the three founding members Robert Williams, Dylan Lenart, and Matthew Metrick, to draft a constitution and be the government until the election on July first. The provisional government must have a 2/3 vote to pass any legislation. All legislation passed by the provisional government will remain enacted when the first Czar is elected.


Name Date Notes
New Years Day 1 January Celebrating the new year
Labor Day First Friday of February Celebration of all the labor done by the citizens of Williamsburg.
Independence Day 31 March Celebration of our Independence
Czar Day 16 April Celebrates the Czar.
Duma Celebration Day 18 June Celebrating the work of the Duma
Memorial Day 25 August Commemorates all who served in the military to protect the people and the Czar.
Native's Day Second Monday in October Remembers those who are native to our lands.
Christmas Day (Western Christian Rites) 25 December Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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