Kingdom of Silverdalium

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Kingdom of Silverdalium

Nam Regnum
Royal Silverdalium Anthem
Silverdaliums flag
Silverdaliums Coat of Arms

Stockholm, Sweden
Capital citySilverdal
Largest citySilverdal
Official language(s)Swedish
Official religion(s)Protestant, Catholic
GovernmentUnitary Constitutional Monarchy
- KingGustav I Snis
- Prime MinisterKasper Möller
LegislatureConstitutional Assembly
Established24 September 2020
Population51 citizens
Time zoneCoordinated Universal Time
National sportFloorball
National drinkSilver Fizz drink
National animalFox
Patron saintSaint Sebastian

Silverdalium, officially the Kingdom of Silverdalium, is a micronation located within the Swedish city of Stockholm. Silverdalium was established on 24 September 2020 by Kasper Möller. Silverdalium is a constitutional monarchy, with Gustav I serving as its King. Silverdalium has a population of around 51 citizens and a area of around 5 km².


Silverdalium was established on 24 September 2020 as the 196 independent state, they were first recognized as an independent state on 4 October 2020. They left Sweden as a follow of the raising taxes, which many people in Silverdalium didn't agree with. The exiting of sweden was peacefull and no gunfire was exchanged. On the fourth of October, Sweden had a meeting with the United Nations that ended with Silverdalium being a independent state and a member of the United Nations.

Before the declaration of independence, Silverdalium was a part of Sweden.


Silverdalium is a constitutional monarchy with a king, the king's name is Gustav I (his full name is Gustav Johan Snis). The king has no power, except that he can summon the military and that he doesn't have to pay for anything in stores. Silverdalium has a prime minister and a government that rules the country, they are elected every fourth year. In the last election, the Liberals won with 63 percent of the votes, they are therefore the head of the government. The prime minister of Silverdalium is Kasper Möller. The 2 biggest parties in Silverdalium are the Right Environment Party and the Liberals. Silverdalium has ministers for many different things, like school and military.

Important Politicans:

Prime Minster: Kasper Möller

State Secretary: Douglas Casserblad

Minister of Defence: Hugo Blomgren

Finance Minister: Melker Larm

Royal family and church representatives

King: Gustav I

First in succession: Prince Ludvig

Second i succession: Prince Mio

Patron saint: Saint Sebastian

Archbishop: Archbishop Erik