Kingdom of Saltania

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Kingdom of Saltania

New York
Capital citySaltania
Largest citySaltania
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
- KingKing Mike I
- Prime MinisterPrime Minister Steph
- Type - Parliment
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - 2/17/13
Area claimedUpstate NY
National sportMagic the Gathering

   The Kingdom of Saltania is a parliamentary monarchy located within the United States of America.


The nation started on 1/17/13 by highschool students. Originally it was ruled by just the King, King Mike I. However he decided that the government would be better if he let the people decide so he let people vote on laws that he would post via their facebook page. On their second month he established the nations 1st Parliament.


The Government consists of a Parliament consisting of six members one seat for ever 2 members of the kingdom excluding the king and queen. The Parliament has established the seat of the Prime Minister (however this seat's legality is currently under debate). The Parliaments job is to make laws and acts for the kingdom. The King may veto a bill and put it up for a nation wide vote. He is also in charge of finding and speaking to foreign nation but the Parliament must vote for their country to be recognized by our country.


There are Two major Political Parties, The Kings Party focuses on socialist ideals. The other party is the Party for Saltania, which is there to just make Saltania a better place for all people. Both parties generally get along and have few thing that separate the two. The both do get along for the most part, making the government very productive.


The Parliament makes the laws of the kingdom which are extensive and visible on the website. We do not currently have a judicial system but one is currently under construction.

Foreign relations

The kingdom does not have much in terms of foreign relations. however there is currently a massive push to have an increase in foreign relations after the next parliament is elected on 4/17/13. If you wish to contact the nation please email


The nation currently has no Military.


The nation has no imports or exports, the nation currency is the "Liz" (named after the queen).


The Kingdom of Saltania has been trying to establish a central culture, many members play the sport Magic: The Gathering, it is infact our national sport. Most members also have a unnatural obsession with doctor who.


We have a twitter informative page called "SaltanianPress" we also have an informative facebook page just called "Kingdom of Saltania". We also update the laws regularly on the website. There is also plans in the making for a youtube page in order to attract immigrants.