Kingdom of Numenor

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Kingdom of Numenor
Fight for what you believe to be right
Official language(s) English
Capital Willow
Date founded August 2005
Number of citizens 6000
Number of active citizens 11
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader King Jeremy Bellamy I
National animal Pigeon

The Kingdom of Numenor is a micronation founded in August 2005 and is a constitutional monarchy.

Numenor is a secessionist micronation located in the UK claiming vast amounts of land in Lincolnshire, England.


The country started off under the name of The Kingdom of Willow, flying a brown flag with a green cross. In November 2005 a communist revolution took place and King Jeremy was removed. After two weeks the King returned to the nation and removed the communists, to wide spread relief throughout The Kingdom of Willow. After this unpleasantness the King wanted a new start so he renamed the nation The Kingdom of New Brittania and adopted the current flag. The parliament voted to change the Name to Numenor


In August 2005 Jeremy Bellamy chose to break away from the UK to develop a country with a sense of self pride. The nation was originally called the Kingdom of Willow and the flag was brown with a green cross, since then the name has changed and the old British flag has been adopted. One relic from this period still survives however. The national currency, the FONS, which is equal exactly to ten British pounds, remains and grows stronger each month.

Article from the New Brittanian Site

The King is confirmed to be a far distant relative of William Shakespeare, he is decended from Shakespeare's sister Joan and William Hart (see below.). The Nation's Coat of Arms is also the coat of arms for the Hart family, as shown below.


The nation is led by King Jeremy I, a monarch who has a lot of power over the micronation. In his support is a parliament made up of competing parties. The ultimate prize for any party is the Prime-Ministerial position.

Sadly, the first ever Prime-Ministerial election was void due to a fraud leading to someone voting 13 times for the same person, but it didn't affect the final vote, Nathan Melton still won the elections.

On Monday 6 March 2006, Nathan Melton announced that he was stepping down after just a month in the role of Prime-Minister of the nation. Replacing Melton is Deputy Prime-Minister, Melton has now stepped down to deputy role.

Diplomatic Relations/Foreign Affairs

Allies Gosling
New Empire
New Oscland
South Tchistanski




Numenoris made up largely of farm land with a few villages containing the majority of the nations population. The climate is the same as that of the UK, cloudy with occasional spells of sunshine or rain. A series of small streams run through the country making up a system of water ways, the streams flow down the many hills of the nation. Despite being in an alledgedly flat county, this is not the case.

Armed forces

The NeNumenor royal army consists of roughly 20 people, some of these occasionally ride horses when the horses are avaible. The main task of this force over recent months has been expansion, with vast amounts of land being captured in the UK. The Air Force is very small at the moment, as is the navy, which was largely destroyed last year.

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