Kingdom of Matt

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Kingdom of Matt

Capital cityMattville
Official language(s)English and French
CurrencyMatt Crown

The Kingdom of Matt is a short-lived micronation founded on November 15, 1993 and became the Republic of Matt about two weeks later, on November 30, 1993.


In 1993, Jason McAlvin assumed the name Matt Pittman and moved to a new community. There, he met Eric Tommasi and the two became the best of friends. By November, Pittman, Tommasi and their circle of friends formed the Kingdom of Matt, with Matt being the head of the group of friends, named king and the area they hung out became the capital city of Mattville. However, this friendship was short-lived, as King Matt had moved away to the U.S. state of Georgia during the U.S. Thanksgiving holidays without informing anyone. After the holidays, a period of chaos ensued among the circle of friends and rumors circulated that the King had died. Tommasi took the helm and restored order by calling a meeting that led to the establishment of the Act of November 30, 1993, which abolished the Kingdom of Matt and formed the Republic of Matt, naming himself as President.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Matt was an absolute monarchy, with all decrees coming directly from King Matt.


KOM had a small military force that became the foundation for the Army of the Republic of Matt (ARM) after November 30, 1993.


There is a unit of currency called the Matt Crown but it was mainly used as a unit of accounting and no banknotes or coins are known to exist. The Act of November 30, 1993 abolished the Matt Crown and replaced it with the Matt Dollar on a 1:1 basis.


A simple newsletter was published, and became the Matt Daily Journal after November 30, 1993.

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