Kingdom of Maevis

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Kingdom of Maevis


Official languagesEnglish, Norwegian
• Queen
Queen Barbara
Establishment17 June 2020
• Census

The Kingdom of Maevis was founded on 18 June 2020, as a part of the Empire of Agber. The nation is located in Shetland, Scotland, with Queen Barbara sitting on the Rowan Throne as Sovereign. It joined with two other projects on 5 January 2022 to form the Prydain Kingdom of Maevis, Berwyn, and Innèsoil.


The founder and first Sovereign of Maevis, Queen Barbara, had previously served within the Empire as the Comtesse of Rulison, within the Grand Duchy of Carthage. She served dutifully in this role until she relocated back to Shetland in early 2018. She remained involved with Carthagean affairs, and retained her citizenship with them after leaving, and began initial discussions with Empress Arlene of Agber about forming a new nation within the Empire in the late spring of 2020. The idea for the nation came from her home area's blending of Norse and Scottish traditions. The nation was founded in June 2020, with its name taken from the Old Norse word Mæveiðs, which means narrow land.


Maevis is ruled by either a Queen or King, as part of the Prydain Kingdom. Provincial heads hold the title of Jarl, regardless of their gender. Clans exist much as they do in Scottish tradition, but they have no official role in the government of the nation.


Level Name Arms Administrator Notes
Capital District Vikksborg Queen Barbara
Province Marilyn Norn Jarl Malcolm The only Maevyn province not bordered by the North Sea.
Province Scrae Quarff Jarl Anke
Province Yoxie Jarl Cecil

Orders of Chivalry of the Sawatch Emirate

There were four orders of Maevis. The Font of Honor for these four Maevyn orders was and is Queen Barbara. The first award of these orders took place on 1 January 2021.

Order Name Established Classes/Ranks Awarded For Notes
Most Honourable Order of the North Sea 18 June 2020 Knight/Dame Utmost dedication to the Kingdom Limited to 9 members
Order of the Lion and Thistle 18 June 2020 Knight/Dame Military and administrative service to the Kingdom
Order of the Longboat 21 June 2020 Knight/Dame Creative and artistic achievement, including anachronistic arts
Order of the Wulver 12 July 2020 Knight/Dame Charitable, humanitarian, and community service recognition