Kingdom of Lonstrina

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Kingdom of Lonstrina
Regno de Lonstrina (Esperanto)
Flag of Kingdom of Lonstrina
Royal Coat Of Arms Of Lonstrina
Coat of arms
Motto: "Kuniĝo kaj Progreso "
"union and progress "
Official languagesEsperanto
Recognised national languages
recognized languages
GovernmentParliamentary monarchy
• King
king jesus
LegislatureLonstrina Royal Parliamentary Government
• Foundation
22 February 2022 (2022-02-22)
CurrencyMonero (MNO)
Time zoneUTC−05:00 (Eastern Time Zone)

Lonstrina officially the Kingdom of Lonstrina Was a Mexican micronation that was created from play by His Majesty Jesús Hernández Primero De Lonstrina.

Its official language was Esperanto, an artificial language created in 1887 by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof. It also had an Indigenous language as Recognized and it was Nahuatl, a language spoken in Mexico, the reason was because it is about to disappear due to discrimination[citation needed].


Its meaning was not known since it was a name invented by the king, but it was discovered that the word "Lon" is big in Vietnamese.


Lonstrina was formerly known as the Republic of Lonstrina in 2021 inspired by the Republic of Molossia, But that project was abandoned due to lack of interest, until 2022 he returned to take up the project again but would turn it into the Kingdom of Lonstrina, according to while he thought "It would be great to govern for a long time".


Parliamentary Monarchy was the official form of Government in the Kingdom of Lonstrina, Since "It would be boring to rule alone".

Diplomatic relations

Currently seeking micronations that want to establish diplomatic relations With Lonstrina.

Royal House of Lonstrina

Coat of Arms of the Royal House of Lonstrina.jpg

The Royal House of Lonstrina is the place where the King and the royal family sit, it is also the place where the Ministry of Diplomatic Relations is located.


The culture of Lonstrina is a little influenced by Mexican culture.


Esperanto was the official language of the Kingdom of Lonstrina, but the national languages ​​were Spanish and English.

The recognized languages ​​were Ukrainian, Portuguese and the Nahuatl language. the reason was that Portuguese had been studied by the king of the nation, Nahuatl because it is an indigenous language And perhaps it can disappear because the speakers of that language suffer discrimination like other indigenous languages ​​in Mexico.


Catholicism was the official religion of Lonstrina but there are also religions recognized by King De Lonstrina.

National symbols

A gif of the national flag of Lonstrina

The flag of Lonstrina was called "La Trikolora Flago de Lonstrina" In Esperanto, black means determination, white means peace and red means Courage. The Royal Coat of Arms of Lonstrina It was another of the National symbols of the Kingdom of Lonstrina, it was used in some documents, in the Royal house and on Postage stamps.


The Scrambled Egg was the national dish of Lonstrina.