Kingdom of Libertas

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Kingdom Of Libertas
Flag of Libertas
of Libertas
Coat of arms
Motto: "United Stamus."(We stand united.)
LargestLiberty City
Official languagesfrench, english, spanish, italian, russian, and latin
GovernmentFederal Democratic Republic with Constitutional monarchy.
• King
King Isaías I
• Queen
Queen Mercury I
• Prime Minister
MoD. Michaell
LegislatureCentral Council
House of Representatives
• establishing independence from United States of America
September 5, 2016
CurrencyLibertino (de jure) and USD (de facto) (LBR)
Time zoneLST

The Kingdom Of Libertas (Soon to just be Libertas) was founded September 5, 2016 by Isaiah Garcia I, Micheal P, Harley Quinn Garcia, and Candy (Does not wish to use his real name) and Isaiah was voted to be King of Libertas by 5 people and then it began to become a developing micronation that just got a functioning economy and political system

History of Libertas

Libertas has gone through a lot in the past years from having a government crisis to the former King coming out as gay and Libertas becoming a democracy and electing our first ever Presidentas

Leaders/Notable politicians of Libertas
Title Name Reign/Term
Queen Harley Quinn Garcia September 11, 2022-December 11, 2022
King Isaiah Garcia I September 11, 2016-September 11, 2022
Prime Minister Micheal P September 15, 2016-September 1, 2022
Royal Council majority leader Isaiah Garcia I September 14, 2022-December 11, 2022
President Isaiah Garcia I December 11, 2022- December 11, 2026
Vice President Edward I December 11, 2022-December 11, 2026
National Judge Micheal P September 20. 2022-September 20, 2026
Governor of Presley Sherry Pearson October 2, 2022-October 2, 2026

Royal Family of Libertas
Title Name Reign
King father Sammy Garcia III September 11, 2016-Present
King mother Erica Garcia September 11, 2016-Present
King father (Stepdad of Isaiah Garcia) Johnlee Garza I April 26, 2019-Present
King of Father (Father of Queen Isaiah Garcia I September 11, 2022-Present
King of Libertas Isaiah Garcia I September 11, 2016-September 11, 2022
Queen of Libertas (Isaiah's granddaughter... she's a cat) Harley Quinn Garcia I September 11, 2022-December 11, 2022
Princess of Libertas (first in line) Harley Grace Garcia II June 17, 2022-present
Prince of Libertas (Second in line) Richard Garcia June 17, 2022-present
Princess of Libertas (Isaiah's daughter... she's also a cat) Ally Maria Garcia November 27, 2019-present