Kingdom of Legialle

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Royaume de Legialle
Coat of arms
Motto: ‘Vires Sapientiae Virtus’ (Latin: "Strength, Wisdom, Power")
Anthem: La Marche Royale
CapitalCap-Paradis (official)
Official languagesEnglish, French, Legiallois Creole
• Queen
Marie-Adélina I
Establishment13 September 2017
Time zoneEST

The Kingdom of Legialle (Royaume de Legialle/Wayom Lijall), informally as Legialle, is a micronation founded on 13 September 2017.

Government and Politics

Legialle is officially an Absolute Monarchy, where executive, legislative, and judicial authority is specified and invested in the person of the monarch.


Legialle's administration is managed through its Privy Council, an executive council who advise the Sovereign on policies. The Council acts as both an advisory board and executive government.

Legialle meets its day-to-day costs from the Public Purse, monies raised through various products (flags, coins, etc.) Most of the day-to-day costs includes expenditures related to creating products and fundraising projects. The Queen receives a small, annual payment in her official capacity as Sovereign, as well as partially or fully reimbursed expenses relating to Her Majesty’s capacity as Head of State and Government. In the event the Crown Purse is unable to meet its financial obligations, monies are provided by the Monarch’s Privy Purse as an alternative to issuing bonds or borrowing from lenders. The Privy Purse is the personal income and assets of the Souverain de la Navasse.


The Queen of Legialle is head of state and government, currently Marie-Adélina I. She plays a ceremonial and actual role in the country. As de jure head of government, she has an active role in policy-making and the legislative process, giving her input and assent to all proposals. Though The Queen rules as an absolute monarch, she depends on the advice of the Privy Council. From their advice, Her Majesty gives or withholds her assent on bills.

Foreign Affairs

Legialle encourages foreign relations with entities, especially those that align with one of their key policies. At present, they maintain formal diplomatic relations with Royal House of DeHerrera, Commonwealth of Dracul, Karnia-Ruthenia Commonwealth, and the Decrecy of Vilthia.


The Coquilles (Smybol: C£; Code: CQ) is the currency of Navasse. The conversion rate is 1 CQ = .10 USD.


Legialle's culture is inspired by the cultural legacy of the Caribbean, primarily Haiti. As such, English, French, and Legiallois Creole are spoken.


The Royal Gazette is a monthly newsletter that updates readers on current affairs. It is free and distributed via email. Readers must subscribe via the website.