Kingdom of Legialle

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Le Royaume de Legialle
State Flag of Legialle.pngCoat of Arms - Great.png

‘Vires Sapientiae Virtus’ (Latin: "Strength, Wisdom, Valour")
La Marche Royale
Official language(s) English, French, Legiallois Creole
Short name Legialle
Demonym Legiallois
Government Constitutional Participatory Hereditary Monarchy
- Sovereign Prince Marie-Adélina I
Legislature General Council
Established 13 September 2017
Currency Coquilles
Time zone EST
National sport Soccer
National animal Red footed Booby

Legialle Website
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The Kingdom of Legialle (Royaume de Legialle/Wayom nan Legialle), informally as Legialle, is a micronation founded on 13 September 2017.

Government and Politics

Legialle is a Constitutional Monarchy, where executive authority is specified and invested in the person of the monarch. Legiallois laws (specifically, 2017 C. 1 Art. 1 and 2017 C. 3) gives executive sovereignty and authority to The Crown. In practice, Legialle is an absolute monarchy where The Crown holds all legislative, executive and judicial functions.

In early 2019, the micronation changed its status from a Kingdom to a Principality.


Officially, Legialle's secretariats (various administrative departments) are answerable to the Council of State and, ultimately, to the Monarch. Legialle’s official seat of the government and royal court is known as Le Palais de la Ferrière. Though not an official Palace, the government - and, thus, the capital of Legialle - is wherever the Sovereign is present. There are six administrative departments:

Secretariat of State, overseeing all domestic and foreign activities.

Secretariat of the Exchequer, responsible for economic and financial affairs.

Secretariat of the Sovereign's Household, responsible for the official and ceremonial functions of the Sovereign.


The Queen of Legialle is the head of state and government, currently Marie-Adélina I. She plays a ceremonial and actual role in Legialle. As de jure head of government, she has an active role in policy-making and the legislative process, giving her input and assent to all proposals. Though The Queen rules as an absolute monarch, she depends on the advise of the Crown Council of Legialle. From their advice, the Queen gives or withholds her assent on bills. As Monarch, appoints the various Counsellors and Secretaries of State. All serve at the pleasure of Her Majesty.

General Council

The General Council is the "de facto" legislative branch. They are primarily concerned and oversee humanitarian funds of Legialle, as well as propose new policies. Though their vote is non-binding, The Queen may concede to their advice as it represents the Will of the People. They are summoned at The Princess's pleasure.


The Coquilles Legiallois (CL), commonly known as Coquilles, is the currency of Legialle. The conversion rate is 1 USD for 10 CL. It replaces the Cœur Legiallois effective 30 August 2018. The unit has denominations of 10, 20, 50, and 100.


Legiallois culture is inspired by the cultural legacy of the Caribbean, primarily Haitian and Dominican, due to the location of Navassa Island in the region of Sainte-Domingue (island shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic). As such, English, French, and Legiallois Creole are spoken; official proclamations are usually written in English only, with rare exceptions. Cuisine, folklore, sports, and festivals are influenced by Haiti.


The Royal Gazette is a monthly newsletter that updates readers on current affairs. It is free and distributed via email. Readers must subscribe on the website.

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