Kingdom of Kefalovriso

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Kingdom of Kefalovriso
Official language English and Greek
Date founded November 1973
Government Absolute Monarchy
Kings HM King Samuel IHM King Samuel II

The Kingdom of Kefalovriso, in Greece, was founded by Samuel I in 1973 and this is quite an unknown place and not many people visit this place. The people of Kefalovriso have exiled the current king, Samuel II, in Australia due to not much popularity right now but they have decided that he has earned the right to be king and that he will be coming back in June 2016.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family of Kefalovriso goes as follows, HM King Samuel II, HRH Prince Vasilious, HRH Prince Angelo, HRH Crown Prince Peter, HRH Prince Peter, HRH Prince Constantine, HRH Princess Evanna, HRH Princess Yianna, HRH Princess Gemma, HRH Princess Nia, HRH Princess Paula, HRH Princess Joan, HRH Prince Samuel (Former King Samuel I), HRH Princess Dimitra and HRH Prince Alexander.

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The Ways of the Royal Family

The people of Kefalovriso have to bow their heads whenever a Royal family member is to walk past them and the Palace of the Royal Family is located at the middle of the Village due to tactical reasons during the civil war. The maids and guards are on high alert for rebels coming from the surrounding villages and it is not recommended to go and visit Kefalovriso til further notice. The Royal Family is addressed as "Your Majesty" when greeted.

Other information on the Royal Family and Kefalovriso

The Royal Family takes in the Prime Minister of Kefalovriso and a Royal Family member as long as they are in that position. The same treatment is used on the Prime Minister as the Royal Family. The parts of Kefalovriso are divided into states and there are governors in each state which then give commands to the people of their state. The Prime Minister gives the command to the governors of each state instead of having to tell everybody about the command. The King and Royal Family are very happy with the population of Kefalovriso and with a number of 452 residents and citizens of Kefalovriso, the King has not had more power than ever. He is also happy with the army and people within the army. The army has a huge 210 soldiers and 100 exactly of those soldiers are the Royal Guard. The Guard are located protecting the palace and Parliament House, but also there is 1 Guard on almost every street corner to keep the peace and protect the nation. In parliament, there are exactly 25 ministers creating laws almost everyday.

Appointments of the Royal Family

Each Royal Family Member has an appointment to follow in the army or the government or whatever part of their country. The appointments are given to the Royal Family members by the King when he chooses to and when the position is available. There are only 8 positions available. A list of all the appointments are,

HM King Samuel II - Former Drum Major of the Army and Current King

HRH Crown Prince Peter - Drum Major of the Army

HRH Prince Constantine - Head of Defence, Treasurer and Minister of the Royal Family (Royal Family representative in Government)

HRH Prince Peter - General of the Army

HRH Princess Joan - Co-Head of Agriculture and Farming

HRH Princess Dimitra - Co-Head of Agriculture and Farming

History behind the Royal Family of Kefalovriso

The Royal Family is from this village, now nation. The reason for the creation of the nation is to preserve the monarchy of the land. The people of the village liked the monarchs of Greece and they created the this nation at the downfall of the greek monarchs. They successfully created a monarchy to care for the government and nation. Samuel I had a fantastic rule to the Throne and he expanded and created many things for the country of Kefalovriso. He ended his rule to make way for his grand-son Samuel II and that is where we are at in the line of the Throne.

Kingdom of Kefalovriso (1973-Present)

Name Reign Title
Samuel I 6 November 1973 3 March 2014 King of Kefalovriso
Samuel II 3 March 2014 Present King of Kefalovriso