Kingdom of Kasbatar

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Kingdom of Kasbatar
Coat of arms
Motto: "Honore et pace coniungimus" (Latin)
"We unite in honor and peace"
Anthem: Kasbatar has not yet fallen
Kasbatar Territories.
Kasbatar Territories.
and largest city
Official languages
Demonym(s)Kasbath, Kasbatar's
GovernmentConstitutional parliamentary monarchy
• King
Simonus I Stanislaus
Willibald Z
• Chancellor of the Exchequer
Cornelius B
Independence declared on 01 June 2022.
• 01 June 2022
Establishment as the Kingdom of Kasbatar
• Census
CurrencyKasbath Yens
Time zoneUTC+2
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (CE)
Driving sideright
Calling code+99
Internet TLD.ks (proposed)

The Kingdom of Kasbatar, referred colloquially as Kasbatar is a self-proclaimed sovereign state commonly referred to as a micronation. Kasbatar declared its independence on 1 June 2022, the day which is now observed as the Kasbatar's Independence Day.

Kasbatar's territory is located in No Man's land between the Arab Republic of Egypt and Republic of the Sudan. Kasbatar has claimed the land due to the fact that neither side wanted it but were arguing against the coast. The land is rich in mountains and deserts.

The current government of the nation is the First Government of the Kingdom of Kasbatar. The national capital is currently Vilbrunn . The Parliament of Kasbatar is a unicameral legislature and the sole legislative branch of the government of Kasbatar. The executive power of the government lies with the Prime Minister and the cabinet who are responsible for the governance of the nation. The Prime Minister is elected by the people and appointed by the Head of the House of Kasbatar, currently King Simonus I Stanislaus who ceremonially rules over the nation. The nation has an ideological liberal democratic system and is believed to give the nation natural growth.


The name Kasbatar is belived to be an old name of the town that was runned there in 109AD. The old Kasbath legends says that the founder of Kasbatar was buried in Egypt in one of the pyramids.


Prelude and establishment of the Kingdom of Kasbatar

The idea of the Kingdom of Kasbatar was born on May 27, 2022, while King Simonus I Stanislaus was examining the borders of African countries and found the No Man's Land between Sudan and Egypt. At this time, the plan for a utopian country is safe for everyone, no matter their race, sexuality, or religion. And so the Kingdom of Kasbatar was established.

Government and politics


The Constitution of the Kingdom of Kasbatar is believed to be finished in the course of next month.


Kasbatar is a constitutional monarchy with the role of the monarch being primarily limited to that of a ceremonial ruler, army commander and representative head of state.

Despite being a constitutional monarchy, it is of great importance and reverence for the people of the nation. It is crucially important as it is referred to be one of the founding pillars of the kingdom. As the royalty of Kasbatar is intertwined with the Kasbath legends, the monarch always wears the Kasbath Ring.


The Supreme Court of Kasbatar is the highest judicial body and the sole judicial branch in the government which supervises the executive and legislative branches. The judges of the court are chosen by the people through a majority anonymous vote, who are then formally appointed by the monarch. If the people are not satisfied with the monarch's choice, they can cancel it and ask for the minister's choice.

Foreign relations and policy

The Kingdom of Kasbatar is open to any Foregin Diplomatic activities.


  • Kasbatar grants full recognition to micronations that have formal ties or have signed a treaty with them.
  • It is willing to establish diplomatic ties with any micronation that respects the culture and borders of Kasbatar.


The Kingdom of Kasbatar did not sign any treaties yet [1]


The King's iron fist, the Kasbath Army, has three branches: Border Guards, Cybersecurity, and Infantry. In addition, there's also a small paramilitary group called the Sparrows, trained to protect their country at all costs.


The location of the Kasbatar
One of the crows

Kasbatar is placed on a desert full of mountains without the water access. On Kasbath lands there are several species of animals transiting, mainly crows and camels


The Kingdom of Kasbatar's capital is Vilbrunn, where the government and monarchy are located in, it has played a very important part in making the Kingdom of Vilbrunn a rising power. Qamilata and Annarad are the secondary cities.

Culture and religion

Kasbatar's culture is heavily based on Kasbatar legends and the culture of its citizens. It's up to Kasbath people which religion they choose to adapt, government has no right to force any private beliefs.

Kasbath legends and it's symbolism

Kasbath legend's origin is unknown to this day new legends are being created. The most popular is the legend of Kasbath Ring where it's told that anyone who wears the ring is an omen of a great future and can be trusted.


The Kasbath Independence Day is on the 01 of June, which was the day the Kingdom of Kasbatar was established on. The national holidays of the Kingdom of Kasbatar and the religious holidays are an important reminder of their culture and are celebrated.


The official currency of Kasbatar is the Kasbath Yens.

Kasbatar relies on tourism and selling iron from its mines. In addition, Kasbatar is gaining foreign money from private investors from all around the world and using it for the public cause.


The Kingdom of Kasbatar operates a YouTube channel [2] containing its culture. It also plans to launch news from the Kasbatar's Voice on its YouTube channel as well as for producing films.

Honours and awards

The ribbon of Golden Crow Order.

Every year on the Kingdom of Kasbatar Independence Day awards are given out to citizens that have served the Kingdom of Kasbatar well.


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