Kingdom of Johnland

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Kingdom of Johnland

Peace and Prosperity.
Badenweiler Marsch
Capital city Free Town
Largest city Free Town
Official language(s) English, German
Official religion(s) Christian
Short name Johnland
Demonym Johnlandian
Government Oligarchy
Legislature Parliament
Currency Dollar
National sport Football (Soccer)
National animal Chihuahua

The Kingdom of Johnland is a micronation founded on 11/29/2012.


The King named the country after his first name. The National Animal is the Chihuahua because the King's Imperial Dog is a Chihuahua.


Johnland is a new micronation and has no history yet.

Government and politics

The King is the head of state and government. The Parliament balances the budget only and doesn't really act as a legislature. However, the parliament can act as a Cabinet to the King at times.

Foreign relations

Johnland currently has no foreign relations but The King has made it a goal to get allies and possibly form an alliance.


The only Military branch is the Army, which the King is the Eternal Supreme Marshal of.

Geography and climate

Since the micronation is in Minnesota, Johnland has Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer.


The King is an Artist, and loves Art and Music. He is often referred to as The Great Artist.


Internet and Television are controlled by The Government.