Kingdom of Falghun

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The Kingdom of Falghun
Flag icon.jpg

United Kingdom
Capital city Kastell
Largest city Kastell
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christian
Government Monarchy
Established May 14th, 2011
Population 2+
Currency Shoal
Time zone UTC
National sport Football
National animal Hawk

Official Website

The Kingdom of Falghun- is a Cornish themed monarchy, situated in the south west region of Cornwall. King Thomas set it up from what is now known as the Kastell (Castle). As you can see from the picture below some land has already been claimed. The Kingdom of Falghun is quite a new micronation and is trying to gain recognition. A site is being built at the moment and once it is up a link will be updated. Please email your name to to become a citizen of The Kingdom of Falghun! Whythra!


The Kingdom of Falghun is a brand new micronation and has claimed a few bits of land such as hills and hill forts. Citizens who sign up have to register their home as an embassy of The Kingdom of Falghun.



The Current Agencies exist within The Kingdom of Falghun.

The Royal Falghunian Navy

The Navy consists of three inflatable kayaks (The Challenger Class), and an inflatable dinghy (The Commander Class).

The Falghunian Secret Service

This is comprised of a few spy tools. TOP SECRET!

The Bank of Falghun

This is the organisation that deals with the money of Falghun (Shoals).


The History of The Kingdom of Falghun is a rather short one and is awaiting some spark. This micronation was thought up by King Thomas (the current ruler of The Kingdom of Falghun) in what is now known as the Kastell. He soon started making flags and printing money while researching other micronations. But the King wanted to resemble his micronation around the culture that would of existed in Falghuns land (Cornish). This is how he came to name this micronation 'Falghun' because that is Cornish for Hawk (the national animal). However the Cornish culture is one that is rather secretive and not much is known about it but this research is still going on. He soon went and claimed a few parts of land like hill forts and ponds which he named after Cornish words.