Kingdom of Espero

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Kingdom of Espero (en)
Reĝlando de Espero (eo)


Por la homoj sola (Esperanto: For the poeple alone)
British Isles
Official language(s)Esperanto; English
LegislatureConstitutional monarchy
Area claimed0.02km²
Population5 (Census upon foundation)
Time zone(UTC)
National animalEuropean rabbit

Official Website

The Kingdom of Espero is a micronation founded on 28 November 2017 when Queen Karlota declared independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Foreign relations

It was made clear in the Declaration of Independence that the people of Espero want a peaceful, diplomatic relationship with the United Kingdom and that maintaining cultural and diplomatic links is highly important to the interests of Espero.


As outlined in the Decleration of Independence, it is intended that Espero should grow as a diverse and multicultural nation. An early measure to aid this process is the adoption of the internation language Esperanto.

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