Kingdom of Dafelonia

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Kingdom Of Dafelonia
Coat of arms
Motto: In Unitate, In Iustitia, In Aequalitate (English: In Unity, In Justice, In Equality)
Anthem: "The Muffin Man"
File:Keighley, Great Britain
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Dafelonian
GovernmentGovernment of Dafelonia
• Vice-President
Dafydd S. Jones
• President
• (as of 1901 census) census
CurrencyExample Dollar
Time zone(UTC±0)

Dafelonia oficially, Kingdom of Dafelonia is a micronation located in Keighley, in the English county of West Yorkshire and Gatesgarthdale in Cumbria and was founded on 18 September 2012.


The name Dafelonia is derived from the founder and current king's name, Dafydd and came to the founders mind in a dream.


The Kingdom of Dafelonia is the sucsessor to the previous Federated Republic of Dafelonia which was in existence until the 18th of september 2012 but was changed to a kingdom when the parliament was dissolved by the then prime minister.

In late 2012, the former semi-autonomous province of Scotaneaea, Kanjistan was given to the Federated Republic of Dafelonia by the king of that nation, Jack Booth.

The Kingdom of Dafelonia has experienced only one serious event in it's history, the Greater Dafelonic Crisis which caused widespread rioting and destruction throughout the kingdom and the loss of the kingdom's one Crown Dependency, the Viscountcy of Dafelonian Kanjistan. The Crisis caused the nation to go into a brief period of inactivity ahead of major reforms that are taking place in the Kingdom.

Government and politics

There is very little government in Dafelonia, due to the strict financial cuts which were imposed on the government by the former prime minister of the Federated Republic of Dafelonia.