Kingdom of Cupland

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Kingdom Of Cupland

Official language(s)English
Short nameCupland
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- KingKing Reuben
EstablishedJune 2014
Area claimed1000 Sq meters

Recent Events

The Kingdom Of Cupland has now been succeeded by The Kingdom of The North Pole on the date of 05/01/2018


Cupland's flag, is designed by the king himself and his siblings. The kings reasoning behind the name cupland is simple. the first part 'Cup' being linked to winning, being victorious and success. So Cupland is said to be the land of the victorious.

King Reuben started the Kingdom of Cupland in June 2014; Claiming the area he lives in as the nation. Many of the people living near King Reuben are excited of the prospect of living in a newly formed nation. Cupland was declared independent of England and Great Britain in June 2014; With a letter being sent to 10 downing street. With no reply from them, Cupland was declared independent.


The kingdom currently uses the british pound


The Government of Cupland currently has three officials in their government. The Health Minister The Chief Economic Minister The Head Of International Relations