Kingdom of Candar

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Kingdom of Candar

With power for justice !
Map with the flag.
Capital cityWirne
Official language(s)Candaran, Austrian german
Official religion(s)Judaism
Short nameCandar

The Kingdom of Candar (IPA: k a n d a r) was a territorial micronation in Central Europe. It was located in Austria, in Lower Austria. The capital city of Candar was Wirne, with the national currency being the Euro (the same as Austria). The micronation had its own flag, culture, and the official languages were Candaran/Candarish and German. The Kingdom of Candar was founded on 15 June 2012, and had claimed territory by March 2013. The micronation had ceased to exist by 26 July 2013.

Administrative Divisions

The Kingdom of Candar was comprised of four districts:

  • North district
  • West district
  • Cetral district
  • East district


The capital city, Wirne, was located in North district.

Demographics of Candar

The population of the Kingdom of Candar was 11 citizens by the time of its dissolution. Only this 11 people had Candaran citizenship, although many Austrian citizens lived within its territorial claims. Candar had 20 citizens when founded, but this number decreased between September and December 2012.



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