Kingdom of Athonia

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The Kingdom of Athonia

Agrorum cultus definit, (Latin: Agriculture Defines Civilization)
National anthem of Example
Area claimed by Athonia
Capital cityAthonia
Largest cityAthonia
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)The Athonia Church
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- MonarchKing Caleb I
- Prime MinisterRyan Liebowitz
- Type - Bicameral
- Number of seats - 6 In the House of the Commons and The House of the Lords, It will change as the population increases.
- Last election - Elections will be held ever two years for the Offices available.
Established23 January 2014
Area claimed1,950 km²
Population12 (as of 2014 census)
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zone(EST)
National sportAmerican Football
National animalGerman Shepherd
Patron saintSt. Isidore of Seville

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Athonia officially The Kingdom of Athonia is a micronation Founded on 23 January 2014 by decree of King Caleb I or Caleb Froelicher when he declared his house and surrounding areas independent from the United States of America, It is located in the southern half of Florida .


The Founding Of Athonia

On 23 January 2014, The future Monarch proclaimed independence from the United States as the Kingdom of Athonia and placed the crown upon his head and, appointed Ryan Liebowitz the Prime minister, then Set his brother, Cody, as the heir to the Throne.

Founding and Onward

And on 23 January the same day as founding of the Kingdom King Caleb I was insulted by the President of newly created Republic of Freshmoira and it resulted in the Athonian-Freshmor war that ended two days later with the signing of a peace agreement, between the two nations which defined the boundaries and responsibility's of each nation to ensure a lasting peace.

Government and politics

The Monarch

The Kingdom of Athonia is a constitutional Monarchy where as the current monarch is the Head of State and elects the members to the House of the Lords. The current Monarch is King Caleb I and the current heir to the throne is his Brother Prince Cody.

Prime Ministers and the Cabinet

The Prime minister is elected by the populace ever two years and can serve a infinite number of terms. The Prime minister holds the executive power pertaining to how the Government is run and elects his own cabinet of ministers. The current Prime minister is Ryan Liebowitz


The Parliament is split up Between the Lower House( House of the Commons) and the upper house( House of the Lords), the Lower house is elected by the populace ever 2 years and the members of the house can serve a infinite amount of terms. The Uppers house's members are elected by the monarch and have to be accepted by the Prime minister and and the House of the Commons they serve for 5 years and and can serve multiple terms and there office can be passed down to there children if they are so inclined. The ultimate judiciary powers will be held by the House of Commons.


Home Office- Lead by the Minister of Home Affairs and is responsible for maintaining, guarding and administrating the borders of the Kingdom of Athonia, keeping a census of all residents and subjects of Athonia, and supervising the running of the Athonian Police.

Department of the Treasury- Lead by the Minister of Finance and Economics and is responsible for managing the income of Athonia through tax and legal fines, and the financial policy and to submit budgets to the Parliament for approval.

The Foreign Office- Lead by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and is responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with other micro nations ,and advance the policy for the good of Athonia

Ministry of Defense- Lead by the Defense Minister, James Robins, is responsible for the implementation of government defence policy and, together with the Treasury, the funding of the Athonian Armed Forces

Ministry of Education, Research and Culture- Lead by the Education minister and is responsible for the Education of Athonia's youth and the advancement of the Arts and Science.

Law and order

The Kingdom of Athonia Police Badge

Law enforcement in the Kingdom of Athonia is the responsibility of the Athonian Police. Jurisprudence operates on a civil law legal system, with crimes being tried by a Town Court, a High Court, or the House of the Commons, depending on the severity of the offence. If a person is found guilty of a crime, then their punishment is decided by the present Judge. The Police are funded and headquartered by the Home Office.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Athonia has only entered diplomatic relations with one other nation the Republic of Freshmoira and this resulted in the Athonian-Freshmor war and after only 2 days the two nations signed a peace agreement ending the war ,and defining the boundaries of the two nations.


The Royal Athonian Army

The RAA(Royal Athonian Army) has 2 Personnel and is in charge of Military operations abroad and defense against any attacker where ever they may be.

The Royal Athonian Navy

The RAN(Royal Athonian Navy) Has 1 Personnel and our Flagship The RAN Victory.

The Royal Athonian Air Force

The RAAF(Royal Athonian Air Force) has been put aside until the funding becomes available.

Athonian Defense Force

The ADF(Athonian Defense Force) is the guard unit of the Nation and is operated only for defense included in the ADF is the Monarch's Royal Guard who are always on duty.

Geography and climate


The kingdom of Athonia has a true tropical climate Mean high temperatures for late July are primarily in the low 90s Fahrenheit. Mean low temperatures for early to mid January range from the low 40s Fahrenheit With an average daily temperature of 70.7 °F In the summer, high temperatures in the Kingdom seldom exceed 100 °F. Several record cold maxima have been in the 30s °F and record lows have been in the 10s. Due to its subtropical climate, Athonia rarely receives snow. However, on very rare occasions, a combination of cold moisture and freezing temperatures can result in snowfall. Frost is more common than snow, occurring several times during the winter months.


Much of the Kingdom is low-lying and fairly level; much of Athonia has an elevation of less than 12 feet, including many populated areas which are located on the coast.


Imports and Exports

All of Athonia imports everything except for the few exports of fruits and vegetables from the royal garden.



The Kingdom of a Athonia gets all of its news from US and British sources such as Fox news and the BBC although the thought of a news network has been circled around the government High offices.

National Holidays

Date Holiday Note
1 January Beginning of New Year Traditional feasts
23 January Independence Day The day of Independence
27 January Holocaust Memorial Day Also a general remembrance day
20 March Consitution Day Celebration of the national constitution
8–16 December Hanukkah (Jewish) Religious celebration
24–25 December Christmas (Christian) Religious celebration, dates different to international
31 December New Year's Eve Celebrates the end of the year, not the beginning of the new one

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