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Lewis of Rome
Coat of Arms of the King of Rome
King of Rome
Reign 6 March 2019–present
Coronation 10 March 2019
Predecessor Napoléon II
Full name
Lewis Edward Samuel of Rome
House House of Rome

Lewis Edward Samuel is the King of Rome and sovereign of the Territories of the King of Rome after having refounded and restructured the title of King of Rome on 6 March 2019, a title previously defunct since the dissolution of the First French Empire in 1815. He is also Grand Master of the Order of l'Aigle d'Or.

Personal life

The King of Rome prefers to maintain a great degree of personal privacy. It is known that he is a British Citizen and is currently in full-time education. He is a student of history and philosophy and has competency in the French language. Lewis prefers modesty in his titles, arms and styles.

He presently resides in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and is known to be a supporter of Huddersfield Town Association Football Club. Aside from football, Lewis I's interests include classical music (Anton Bruckner and Richard Wagner in particular), classical literature, art, and he studies and practices aspects of Indian religions found in documents such as the Bhagavad Gita and various modern and classical texts on the subject of Buddhism.

Titles, Honours, Arms and Style

Titles and Honours

Lewis of Rome is currently the King of Rome and Sovereign of the Order of l'Aigle d'Or

King of Rome

The title "King of Rome" is a courtesy title and personal dignity afforded to Lewis upon the Declaration of Kingship. Although he is not the direct successor of Napoléon II as King of Rome, nor is he heir apparent of the French Empire, Napoléon II is cited as the predecessor of Lewis I in order to acknowledge the origin of the title and create a legitimate basis for the title.


King of Rome Arms.png
Coat of arms of the King of Rome
Coat of arms as Grand Master of the Order of l'Aigle d'Or


Lewis I's full style is His Majesty, Lewis I, King of Rome, Sovereign of the Order of l'Aigle d'Or. In speech it is considered courteous to address Lewis as "Your Majesty", however it is acceptable also to refer to him as "My Lord", "Sir" or with no title or style at all.

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