Territories of the King of Rome

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Territories of the King of Rome
King of Rome Flag.pngKing of Rome Arms.png

Dare to Take and Hold
Territories of the Kingdom of Rome, British Isles
Official language(s)English, French
Short nameThe Territories
GovernmentFeudal Monarchy
- KingKing of Rome
LegislatureBy Royal Edicts
Established6 March 2019
CurrencyGold Crowns (GC)
Time zoneGMT (UTC)
National animalEagle


The Territories of the King of Rome are the personal sovereign landholdings of His Majesty, The King of Rome. The Territories were founded on the 6 March 2019, upon the Declaration of Kingship that revived the title of the King of Rome and afforded the holder of the title various honours as befits that rank, including the granting of personal territory (subject to the laws of the macronation in which it exists) to be an embassy and court from where the King of Rome conducts his affairs. The Territories currently occupy a single room in the residency of the King of Rome, in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. The ownership of this residency is disputed, with it being claimed by the United Kingdom of Yorkshire and the Tykes, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Following the dissolution of the First French Empire, the title "King of Rome", a courtesy title given to the heir apparent to the throne, became defunct. Up until the 6th March, 2019, the title was never used or claimed again. Consequently, in an effort to pay homage to Empereur Napoléon Bonaparte, the title was claimed by the King of Rome as a courtesy title and personal dignity. However, whilst the title is for the most part a personal dignity and courtesy title, it was necessary to create the Territories of the King of Rome to give the King his own sovereign landholdings from where he could construct and embassy and hold court in order to properly conduct his affairs. Thus, with immediate effect on the orders of the Declaration of Kingship, the Territories of the King of Rome were founded.

Government and politics

The Territories of the King of Rome are run based on a feudal system where the King has supreme authority. The King enfeoffs land to the Barons in return for military or other types of service. The Barons may enfeoff their land further to knights and citizens in order to help provide services. In practice, the Barons have a great degree of autonomy in how they rule their fiefs, but they must ultimately abide by the Laws of the Territories of the King of Rome and the Royal Edicts.

Law and order

On the rare occasion that a law of the Territories is broken, the proper procedure is for the accused to be placed on trial to establish the the crime they are accused of, and if they are guilty of committing the crime. The accused is then acquitted. Should the accused proceed to commit another crime, their citizenship of the Territories will be revoked, along with any titles and membership of any orders based in the Territories. On the occasion that a citizen breaks the law of the macronation in which they reside, the King has no part in the process of justice.

There currently exists no body of law enforcement in the Territories due to the effectiveness of the justice system.

Foreign relations

The Territories themselves have little in the way of foreign relations. Diplomacy is generally conducted by the King of Rome on behalf of his own Kingship as opposed to the Territories, generally for the purpose of mediation of international disputes, to recognise micronations and secession movements, and to gain recognition and legitimacy as the King of Rome.


In practise, there is no military of the Territories of the King of Rome, as the King attempts to maintain a pacifist outlook. However, if a need to defend the Territories arose then the King of Rome would call upon the Barons and Knights of the land, who would in turn levy their own troops, and they would take up arms against the enemy of the Territories. The Territories does not consider any of its orders of chivalry to be a standing army, instead relying wholly on its feudal levy of soldiers.


The economy of the Territories of the King of Rome is mainly based on the provision of services in return for grants of land or other services. The Territories do not export nor import any goods.

A virtual currency exists, the gold crown (GC), for the purpose of foreign trade. The gold crown is based on the Great British pound, with one gold crown always being worth £10. Half a gold crown is called a sceptre, and a tenth of a gold crown is called a coronet.

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