King Edmund

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Ēadmund Cynintt sé Brýtont, (English: King Edmund the Powerful), or King Edmund I, is the King, and founder of the Kingdom of Grýttlund.

King Edmund the Smith
Ēadmund Cynintt sé Brýtont
King of Grýttlund

King of Grýttlund
Reign 2021 - Present
Born 20th January 2005


King Edmund was born Finlay Stovell on the 20th January 2005. He created, at 11 years old, the Kingdom of Onoland. He is known to be an avid promoter of sports, and physical fitness. He, himself, plays rugby and cricket. He is a Roman Catholic Catechumen, and is to be received through the Eastbourne Ordinariate. He holds the position of the Society of St. Pius X.

As King of Grýttlund

King Edmund founded Grýttlund on the 9th January 2021, originally as something to fill time during lockdown. However, it quickly became an important project for him. He made treaties with many nations, and shall continue to do so.