Keturian Armed Forces

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The Keturian Armed Forces are the armed forces responsible for the defense of Keturia and deployment of troops for Wuhu Island. The Military consists of 4 branches: The Army, The Navy, The Air Force, and The Coast Guard. The Keturian Leader claims that a space force may exist in the future. The Keturian Army The Keturian Army consists of approximately 15 personnel. The Army is armed with Nerf Guns. The most prominent gun is the Nerf Rival XX-7700. The Keturian Navy The Keturian Navy consists of approximately 10 personnel. The Navy has 3 vessels, one of which is an Explorer 200 raft. The Keturian Navy also has an infantry force, consisting of 2 personnel. The Keturian Navy in action: The Keturian Air Force The Keturian Air Force consist of two drones and 13 personnel. Each are made by Eachine, one being an Eachine P51 mustang, the other being an Eachine 2 in 1 hovercraft drone. The Air Force has only engaged in real combat once, that being the Buzzing of Glamrockia during the Glamrockian War The Keturian Coast Guard The Keturian Coast guard is the only branch of the Keturian military to not have engaged in combat. It consists of 8 personnel and of one rc boat, one lego boat, and one rc helicopter.