Kaznian Paganism

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The Dangusov Cross, symbol of the Dangusov Church. The cross has no connections with Christianity.

Kaznian Paganism (also known as Cheslovian Paganism, the Dangusov Church and rarely Slaan) is a Cheslovian religion. It is difficult to pinpoint what the religion exactly is (because it varies and changes frequently), however it focuses on the concept of parallel dimensions, spirits and reincarnation. There are several branches of the Dangusov Church, the largest is the Dangusov, however, all are generally accepted due to their similarities. The religion has no holy text or God (but this varies in different branches of the religion), only a shrine located outside the Musorov Kremlin called The Dangus. The Dangus Shrine was created in late 2006 but was declared a shrine in late 2007, however, the religion has been in existence since early 2006. At least 8-12 Cheslovian citizens believe in the Dangusov Church.


The main belief is the focused theory of the existence of a multiverse (more than one universe) and also a theory of infinite dimensions and parallel dimensions. The beliefs on the afterlife vary from the idea of re-living one life, reincarnation or becoming a ghost.

The religion very rarely believes in "the All-Mighty Being", which is an omnipotent force (not necessarily a God) that judges people on their actions, this is connected with the religion's belief in Karma. The All-Mighty Being did not create all of the dimensions and universes but is believed to have created some of them. The All-Mighty Being, along with all dimensions, have been in existence for all eternity and have not had a starting point. The religion also has mixed beliefs on the fate of the universe and all dimensions, such as the belief that many dimensions will die out whereas others will continue to exist forever.

Practices and relation to Paganism

Many branches of the religion worship the elements, these branches believe that the elements are what give life and bring death. The All-Mighty Being can be seen as the elements (depending on the branch of the Dangusov Church), however, the All-Mighty Being is said to have a conscience.

Appearances of the Dangusov cross

The Dangusov cross can be seen in many symbols of Cheslovia, here are some examples.