Kaoss Masterpiece

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Kaoss Masterpiece
Studio Album by Scott Harwood
K M.jpg
ReleasedOctober 2010, October 2012
Recorded2nd October 2010, Shedpop Studios
GenreElectronica, Minimalism
Length41:05 (original), 14:08 (remastered)
ProducerScott Harwood
Previous albumn/a
This albumKaoss Masterpiece (2010)
Next albumMean Streets of Pirnmill (2010)

Kaoss Masterpiece was the first studio album by Scott Harwood. The album is distributed on the Shedpop label, and was originally released during October 2010. A remastered version was released in October 2012.


After spending months learning and playing the Korg Kaossilator, Scott Harwood decided to record some of his works. After recording some music in one of the family sheds (dubbed Shedpop Studios), an album was made. The title track 'Kaoss Masterpiece' was made available on YouTube the same day it was recorded.

The album was remastered using GarageBand over 20–21 September 2012, and was released on the 2nd of October 2012.


The album is said to be a fusion of the uptempo grooves and sequences of Kraftwerk, the ambient cosmic sounds of Tangerine Dream and the minimalism of Steve Reich. This is especially true of the last track - 'Faux Moogsong 2' ('Faux Moogsong' on remastered edition).

Track Listing - Original

All tracks were written by Scott Harwood.

  1. Experiment No. 1 (03:41)
  2. Battlecruiser Panic Room (03:27)
  3. Kaoss Masterpiece 1 Part 1 (06:00)
  4. Kaoss Masterpiece 1 Part 2 (05:36)
  5. Dreaming of Tangerines (04:52)
  6. Faux Moogsong 1 (05:01)
  7. Faux Moogsong 2 (12:28)

Track Listing - Remastered Edition

  1. Experiment No. 1 (02:09)
  2. Kaoss Masterpiece (04:45)
  3. Luminosity Over Carradale (formerly Dreaming of Tangerines) (03:02)
  4. Faux Moogsong (04:11)


  • Korg Kaossilator
  • GarageBand for iPhone (remastered edition)