Kalkedonia Kingdom

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'Kalkedonia Kingdom EN
Kalkedonya Krallığı TR

Flag of KalkedoniaArms of Kalkedonia

Capital city Üsküdar
Official language(s) Turkish
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Kalkedon
Government Parliamentary monarchy
- Emperor Lukas Can Kılınç 2016-
- Prime minister Faruk Aydın 2016-
- Number of seats - 25
- Last election - 2016
Established 19 July 2016
Area claimed UskudarKK.jpg Dark: Claimed Area / Light: Area Where Many Citizens
Population 70 (Online Based Population Count)
Currency Turkish Liras
Time zone EET

The Kalkedonia Kingdom is a micronation and based in Üsküdar, Turkey. On July 19, 2016 established under the leadership of Lukas Can Kılınç. In the current period it isn't recognized by any official government.


Kalkedonia name comes from the Uskudar district is established. This name was chosen because it is the Uskudar district name of the Byzantine Empire period and Uskudar is one of the oldest districts.


The country is a parliamentary monarchy system. Therefore, the King and the Prime Minister assumes the title of the country's leadership. Prime Minister, controls the Council and Parliament. The King evaluates the decisions of these authorities. National Assembly consists of 25 seats. There are two constant political party. Conservative Party; right ideology and defends a free economy. Democratic Party: Left ideology and defends statist economy. The government is required to set up at least 13 deputies. The results of the first elections held by the Conservative Party was ruling.


The State Organization provided through the state ministries. There are 5 ministries. These; Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Economy. 5 Ministry is dependent to the Prime Minister. Ministers are continuing their work on the The Council of Ministers. Ministries

Top row (left to right): Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bottom row (left to right): Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Communications

Eagle Symbol

The flag, emblem and all state was prepared by Eagle Symbol. Eagle symbol was adopted as the official symbol. Eagles means both a symbol of nobility and power. Eagle Symbol


Although countries in Istanbul but it has a large number of citizens from the big cities ( Bursa, Ankara, Izmir ). As well as citizens join us from the foreign countries. State continues to citizenship applications over the Internet.

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