Civility of Kaisland

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Civility of Kaisland
Zevelãnt von Kãsland



Ad Portas Inferi
Latin: "At the Gates of Hell"
Capital city n/a
Official language(s) Ainwat
Official religion(s) Buddhism
Short name Kaisland
Demonym Kaislandish, Kaislander
Government Non-Partisan Republic
Legislature National Council and Praetorum
- Type - Bicameral
Established 26 April 2013
Currency Konch Piece
Time zone -7:00 UTC

Kais Government Website

Kaisland, officially the Civility of Kaisland (Ainwat: Zevelãnt von Kãsland) is a small North American state, surrounded by the United States. Karisradd, the first iteration of Kaisland was founded on the 26th of April, 2013 by J. Allen Turner. That state was dissolved on the 1st of November, 2013 to allow the creation of a civilian government, as Karisradd's stratocratic governing style was no longer seen as necessary.



Non-Allied Recognition

Kaisland recognizes the following states:

National Holidays

Date English Name Ainwat Name
1 January New Years Day Novja Ueraj Dã
26 April Foundation Day Tervol Dã
30 June Leader's Day Lãdjeraj' Dã
18 August Nomad's Day Nomaseraj' Dã
1 November Heritage Day Heretga Dã