Kaiser Fabrizio I

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Kaiser Fabrizio I von Mednyat
Name Kaiser Fabrizio I von Mednyat
Micronation(s) Ruled German Reich of Mednyat
Reign 19 November 2014 - 1 December 2014
Coronation 19 November 2014
Other Titles/Styles Order of Merit of the Republic of Hashima
Personal information
Born 15 November 1960
Birthplace Italy
Weight 74 kg
Height 170 cm (5,58 ft)
Colour of eyes Black
Colour of hairs Black
Royal Information
Predecessor Title created by Kaiser Fabrizio I
Successor Kaiser Umberto I
Heir Prinz Umberto I von Mednyat
Spouse Kaiserin Elena I von Mednyat
Royal/Imperial House Imperial House of the German Reich of Mednyat
Royal Anthem "Kaiserhymne" (ENG: Kaiser's Anthem)
Royal Motto Mein Volk ist mein Leben (ENG: My People is my life)

Kaiser Fabrizio I of Mednyat is the actual Kaiser (english: Emperor) of the German Reich of Mednyat since the creation of the Micronation,in 19 November 2014.

In 26 november 2014,the Kaiser Fabrizio I announced his intention to abdicate, with effect from 01 December 2014, in favor of his son, the current Prince Umberto I of Mednyat.
The Parliament in extraordinary meeting accepted the decision, and the prince accepted the succession, which will happen officially in 01 December 2014.