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The Jovian Islands, commonly called Jovian, is a political description in location. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on all sides. Nation covers size square kilometers and has an estimated population of 100 million though this is subject to change over time. There are 33 Islands in total.

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Unique Features

Agriculture Features

Boggy Fens: Penrose isn't all about power. It's Bog and Swamps also play host to the Boggy Fens, a type of feature the Jovians have classified that is home to many of Penrose's unique dishes and foods. These fens are non toxic and thus are used by Penrose farmers to farm the ever unique Penrose Rose, a plant that provides the important Penrose spice used in many Jovian dishes.

Bountiful Plains: Found on Yggdrasil, these plains are long with endless acres of farmable land as far as the eye can see. It provides nearly 20% of the Jovian food supply to the entire nation.

Fair Tundra: the Tundra of Neptune is very fair and thus bears fruit of the unique Tundra fruit. This type of fruit is only unique to Neptune's Tundra and cannot be found any where else unless exported overseas.

Green Hills: Yggdrasil contains a large hill area which are home to the famous Green Hills. This region is full of farmable hills where farmers send their farming vehicle drones out to farm away on the landscape to harvest the food and plant it each year.

Lichen Fields: Nidavellir plays host to it's Lichen Fields which produce Lichen for food. This results in unique food output from Nidavellir and this Lichen is distributed out as the Lichen Lemon.

Nutritious Mudlands: The Mudlands of Penrose are full of Nutritious food that is grown by Penrose's farms to make the known Mudland Mud pies which are not made of mud. They require special gear and equipment to operate in the region due to the thickness of the Mud.

Rugged Woods: Kugelblitz's forest is one of the top producers of both wood and food of the trees. These trees are unique due to the rugged landscape caused by years of growth. This has resulted in a unique food supply and material supply as the wood is exported as finished product and food as well.

Fertile Lands: Matrioshka also finds itself as big player of food with it's Fertile land which makes up 10% of the farming land of the Jovian Islands. This land region harvests thousands of pounds of food each and every day.

Fungal Caves: Nidavellir's caves also play host to the Fungal caverns a region of fungus that is ediable to many people. It has yet to gain a name due to the fact that the people of Nidavellir are protective of this Fungus.

Great River: The Jovian islands have many great rivers but the Jovian Great River is the main area of looking when it comes to great rivers. The Jovia River is where Jovian gets the majority of it's farming supply due to it turning from city center to farm land the further you travel away from the city.

Lush Jungle: Penrose's Swamps and Bogs aren't the only unique feature of food. The Penrose Jungle is full of unique food that is collected daily due to the jungle's lush nature. It is still unsure how this food is able to get made at very high rate.

Black Soil: The Black Soil on Yggdrasil combines the other areas with lots of nutrients that give a power punch to anyone who eats the food that comes from Yggdrasil. Any plant that is put on Black Soil has a larger output of food compared to other soil types.

Fungal Forest: Nidavellir also has a fungal forest which grows on the mountain side. This Fungus is identical to the Fungal caves as both are the exact same fungus but 2 different regions.

Marvelous Oasis: Saturn has a long line of Oasis surrounding the Inland sea. These Oasis provide good places for small communites but due to the palm trees, Coconuts are harvested and send back for processing into edable substances.

Teeming Reef: Near the city of Blue Moon Lagoon is a reef Teeming with many spieces of fish. The Jovian fishing fleet is seen near this region collecting fish at high amounts but not too much to cause fish populations to drop to dangerous levels.

Tropical Island: The tropical islands between the big islands and Calypso Island are the islands home to a lot of good food and thus make excelent farming areas due to their locations. Calypso is the only island to be considered a small town due to it's population being very low compared to others.

Flooded Mounds: The mounds of Uranus are usually flooded due to an unknown cause each year. This area is usually found full of rice paddies and other mound based foods that are grown in areas like this. This is mostly to farm Rice and other good foods there.

Hyperfertile Valley: Usually found in Isolated Valleys, the Hyperfertile valleys of Yggdrasil are home to hundreds if not thousands of acres of land that are used for farming due to their natural hyperfertility which makes them usable all year round.

Farming Caverns: Nidavellir's Caves are home to many farming caverns in addition to the Fungal Caves. these caverns are full of farming areas which are used to farm unique foods. Whatever the case is, this is a critical part to the survival of the people of Nidavopolis.

Energy Features

Arid Highlands: The Arid highlands of Jupiter and Saturn offer the most clear site of Solar Farms to ever exsist. It is these highlands that many solar farms are assembled to provide the 2 islands with a steady stream of power but lots of excess are stored into backup batteries incase power goes out across the nation.

Hot Springs: The Hotsprings of Elysium are a tourists main attraction during the winters. Thanks to Geothermal activity below the ground, these Hotsprings not only serve as to attract tourists, but they are also inside a power plant as a complex fan system keeps power flowing even during the summers.

Frozen Gas Lake: Matroishka is home to it's famous Frozen Gas Lakes which are full of Natural gas that is extracted and sent through the power industry of Matroishka to keep the VR suites running for their visitors. Only Matrioshka has this feature due to it's unusually cold climate at times.

Rushing Waterfall: The Waterfalls of Uranus are one of the 10 sites of the Jovian Islands that attract visitors to it year round. Yet beyond the waterfall, hydroelectric dams are set up to process the rushing water to generate electricity for Uranus and Neptune islands though Neptune aquires it's power by waves at some times and mostly relies on Uranus for power.

Searing Desert: Jupiter island is known for it's Searing Desert which makes it a prime site for Solar farms which have been put to great effect for solar farms. Though in this Searing desert is the biggest solar power plant of the Jovians, the Jupiter Solar Radar. This area is home to many Radar dish like Solar pannels that follow the sun each day, collecting as much Solar energy as they can get.

Geothermal Vents: The Geothermal vents of Neptune island give the island the required energy to remain independend from Penrose's power plants. It is because of these vents that power is able to be sustained by the Neptune Electrical Grid in order to keep the lights on at all times.

Tempestuous Mountain: Above the city of Nidavopolis sits massive lightning spires. Due to Nidavopolis's region set in one of the most troublesome storm areas, these lightning spires capture the raw energy from lightning bolts and covert it into usable electricity. At times the bolt is soo strong that the spires are scorched to the point that they need to be repaired.

Underwater Vents: Underwater vents are located across many jovian islands and thus are found covered by large Jovian energy rigs which harness the power of these underwater vents in order to provide energy for the islands on the shore. They have stacks representing the amount of vents to release any excess steam that is generated by the underwater Vents.

Subterranean Generators Areas: This area of power generators is located below the ground of the Island of Penrose. These generators stands for stories and provide the majority of energy to every island in the Jovian Island Cluster. It is because of this that the Jovian Islands remain standing.

Mining/Resource Features

Mineral Fields: The islands of Kugelblitz and Nidavellir play host to thousands of acres of Mineral rich fields. These rich fields are a subject for many Jovian mining companies to set up office and begin to mine the oddly reoccuring material fields. They are full of resources that it could be possible other companies from other nations will rush to claim some of the land.

Ore-Veined Cliffs: on the clifts of Nidavellir, Ore exsists in large number. Side drill sites are seen mining into the side of the Clifts with their drill bits chomping into the ore and the ore falls down the side to collection bases at the bottom.

Prosperous Mesa: The Mesa of Jupiter island, often called the Red Spot Mesa is a large site of extraction as at night, it lights up like a christmas tree as drills come to life and drill into the rich Jupterium resource deposit in order to bring out the resource required for Jovian Jupterium reactor cores.

Ore-Rich Caverns: Below the surface of Kugelblitz are some of the most resource rich caverns. With their high extraction of ores, it is no wonder why the Jovians have a lead with underground base assembly and the forging of thousands of vehicles from this ore. It is important due to the Jovians having a potential need to return to the ark or some sort of safe base.

Rich Mountain: In addition to the Ore-Veined Cliffs and Rich Fields of Nidavellir, the mountains are also full of resoures. This has resulted in a large sprawling underground city called Nidavopolis which is the Jovian's only underground city that is built amount the empty ore deposits which give a lot of room to work with incase of nuclear war.

Submerged Ore Veins: The Submerged Ore veins of Saturn's inland sea are often see crowded with extraction rigs as they bring up the important resources of the submerged ore veins. The Jovians had mastered this technology before the war and still do it with resources of this new world they are thrusted into.

Alloy Features

Rich Sinkholes: These sinkholes appeared naturally after the recent mini planet formations but have exposed rich natural Alloys required for the assembly of many Jovian aircraft and ships. This is the first time this has happened before and can only be found in the area of Jupiter Island.

Garathium Ravine: Garathium is a important resource required by the Jovians for Armor and this Ravine on Jupiter Island is the biggest Deposit of Garathium known to the Jovians as of now.

Orillium Ocean Deposits: Orillium in this new world has only been found under the ocean waves. Uranus's underwater city is currently the sole producer of Orillium from the underwater black smoker that produces this Orillium required for Jovian Armor.

Crystal Features

Crystalline Caverns: Found only in the mountains on the Island of Uranus, the Crystalline caves are caves with thousands of unique and rare crystals. This makes the island a popular spot for tourists who come to explore the caves. It is far below that specialized crystal extraction equipment is used to remove some of this special crystal that is used in Jovian Missiles, Bombs and a few prototype lasers.

Crystal Forest: An oddball amoung many, the Crystal Forest is situated on a small island between Uranus and Neptune Islands. The entire island is covered with a endless Crystal Forest which is home to a natural growing crystal. Said crystal is mined but only to a Quota of 350 megatons each year so as to keep the island growing back new crystal trees so the process can start over.

Crystal Reef: There are at least 5 known crystal reefs that the Jovians have. the Crystal reef surround the island with the crystal trees, the crystal reefs of Matrioshka and Elysium, the Crystal seabed reef of Neptune Lagoon and the Harbor Crystal field of Jovia city's harbor. Known as Oceanic crystal, these crystals seem to have a life cycle in which they grow, they mature and then break. When the crystals break, Jovain crystal collection ships pick up the crystal left behind. This has given rise to ship crews taking the crystals and selling them on the black market but this is regular and has become public knowledge.

Dust Features

Pitharan Fields: The Pitharan Fields of Jupiter and Saturn are covered with the ever important Pitharan dust. This dust is required for large amounts of food production and research into radiation resistant materials. Currently they are holding as the top producers of Pitharan until someone else finds another deposit.

Zro Sand Deposit: Zro is a important resource fo the development of engines and sensor arrays on board Jovian warships, Jovain AWASC aircraft and other electronic equipment. You can tell when you hit a Zro sand deposit if the sand is blue and not white or pink. The pink sand beach is a natural feature of the Jovian islands. The only source known to exsist is on Neptune and Jupiter.

Gas Extraction Features

Bubbling Swamp: Found only on Penrose, the Bubbling Swamps are filled with many dangers, but the biggest is due to to the amount of gas in the region. The gas is extremely toxic that everyone that enters it must wear a Hazardous Environmental Suit at all times to protect themselves from the toxic fumes of the swamp. It is known for the exotic gases which when processed, create the fuels required for Jovian aircraft and ground vehicles.

Fuming Bog: The Bogs of Penrose are those of some confunsion by the members of the Jovian Science Ministry. But it is these bogs that make Penrose an important member of the Jovian islands due to the natural gases that not only produce the required gases for Jovian industry but also Unique Exotic Gases that are important for Jovian technology such as laser and unique dispersent shells.

Mote Harvesting Features

Dust Caverns: Dust Caverns are underground caverns found on Kugelblitz and Nidavellir that contain the resource of Volatile motes. These caverns can be unstable and thus only specialized workers can work in this region.

Dust Deserts: Unlike the Caverns, the Dust Deserts hide Volatile motes under the sands. Only Kugelblitz has this kind of desert and Nidavellir did too but overextraction lead to the depletion of Volatile motes on Nidavellir. Now only Kugelblitz has the resource of volitile motes.

Betharian Power Features

Betharian Fields: These fields are full of the ever important Betharian Stone. These places are often seen with Betharian power plants and cooling towers along side Betharian extraction equipment. Only the island of Penrose has these features which makes the island important as it is the sole island that has Betharian Fields.

Other Features

Isolated Valleys: These valleys are usually full of research and development colonies to test prolonged scientific studies into all fields of research. They are able to contain all sorts of outbreaks incase those come about.

Natural Resources

Unique Resources

-Garanthium Ore: Garanthium ore is found on many islands the jovians have and is a important resource as when refined, it produces a much stronger Armor plating for Jovian warships. This material is considered an Alloy

-Orillium Ore: Orillium is almost as common as Garanthium due to it's unique properties. It is known to increase explosive potential but it has been used in armor when combined with Garanthium to form a unqiue armor that is reflective to small arms fire. This material is considered an Alloy

-Aldar Crystals: Aldar Crystals are used in the manufacturing of Missiles and bombs due to their unique properties which are unknown to most of the world. Their yield can varry and increase if combined with Orillium Ore but not soo much it can create a nuclear explosion. This material is considered a Volatile Mote

-Teldar Crystals: Teldar crystals are used in the warheads of many of the Jovian's ship cannons. When put under intense forces such as a collision with a ship, the Teldar crystals merge to create a large explosion of energy that can rip a huge hole in a ship. It is used in shells and torpedoes. This material is considered a Volatile Mote

-Yuranic Crystals: Yuranic Crystals are unique as they can be shot with a bolt of energy to form a very weak laser beam but said beam can be concentrated to melt through the armor of vehicles or ships. The development of Yuranic lasers are still under development by the Jovian Community. This material is considered a Rare Crystal

-Betharian Stone: Betharian stone is found on the island of Penrose and is used as a power source for many of Penrose's power plants. 2 Betharian power plants are equivalent to a single US Nuclear power plant. This material is considered an Alloy

-Pitharan Dust: Often called Fertilizer PD, Pitharan Dust or Pitharan is used as the primary fertilizer for the Jovian Farming community. It's unqiue properties allow for food to grow in almost any time of year and allow for planting of certain crops in radioactive wastelands that have yet to be cleaned up. This material is considered a Sensitive Dust.

-Zro Dust: Zro dust is still under research but it is known or it's unique factors which make them useful in the development of Jovian Radar, Sonar and Certain engines but it is still in development of understanding as the Jovains have no access to Zro Dust due to reasons of Corn. This Material is considered a Sensitive Dust.

-Lythuric Gas: Lythuric gas is used as a fuel for many Jovian warships that cannot support nuclear reactors. It is also used in the development as the fuel of the Graviton engines used by larger Jovian warships such as Jovian Carriers, Battleships and Ballistic missile submarines. This material is considered an Exotic Gas

-Satramene Gas: Satramene Gas is a recent introduction along side Zro Dust and Engos Vapor and it is still under investigation. Current studies show that Satramene seems to be good in Medicine but not as adictive as other such gases and also makes a good air freshener in houses. This material is considered an Exotic Gas

-Engos Vapor: Engos vapor was found near the Ark surfacing site but it is unable to be extracted due to the Jovians proper equipment. Only small samples have been aquired and thus show that the Vapor seems to have a unique property of healing certain wounds as well as addapting someone to low radiation fields. This Material is considered an Exotic Gas



Largest Cities

Rank City Metropolitan area population State Island
1 Jovia City Jovian
2 Jupiter Spot City Jupiter
3 Saturn Ring City Saturn
4 Uranus Underwater City Uranus
5 Neptune Lagoon Neptune
6 Yggdrasil Farmopolis Yggdrasil
7 Kugelblitz Forge Core Kugelblitz
8 Nidavellir Storage City Nidavellir
9 Penrose Power City Penrose
10 Elysium Resort City Elysium
11 Matrioshka VR City Matrioshka
12 Feronis Jovian
13 Inkopolis Uranus
14 Neo Tokyo Jovian
15 Neo Seoul Jovian
16 Neo Beijing Neptune
17 Neo Taipei Neptune
18 Neo Pyongyang Jovian
19 Neo Ho Chi Minh Uranus
20 Neo Hanoi Uranus



The island of Jovian is the largest and centralmost island in the Jovian Empire. It is known for it's large city of Jovia. Jovia is the biggest city of the Jovian Empire with a population expected to total 2 billion in a few years. Jovia is home to the Jovian royal family and current ruler, Empress Spectra.

Jovian is also home to the cities of Feronis, Neo Tokyo, Neo Seoul and Neo Pyongyang who are going to reach around 100 million each.

Feronis is home to the Feronis Forge, a massive yard that glows bright red from the molten metals as new warships are constructed inside the forge before being launched and finished up in another forge yard next to it.

Neo Tokyo, Neo Seoul and Neo Pyongyang are futuristic versions of their pre war counterparts each with prospering skyscrapers streaching into the air and sky beyond. Neo Tokyo is to support the Japanese Culture as well as the companies of Mitsubishi, Nakajima, Kawanishi, Kawasaki, Tenzai, Shirada and Yokosuka.

Neo Seoul and Neo Pyongyang are the 2 Korean culture centers and despite the difference originally, there is no divide as the 2 cities are 20 minutes away by train or 40 minutes by car. The majority part of this area is still under construction.


Jupiter Island is found to be similar to the famous Great Red Spot of Jupiter. the shape fits the storm that makes up the Red Spot and thus has red landscape closer to the center and not as much on the outer region. Jupiter Plateu is the tallest Plateu in the Jovian Empire and is the current site of a mining project going on to extract valuable ore from below.

Jupiter Spot City is known for it's large Red skyscraper called Red Spot. Red Spot is the current government building but also a Hotel above the government floors. It is known as the most iconic building in the Jovian Empire on Jupiter Island.

Jupiter Island is protected by the Jupiter Island Defense Force or JIDF. They are known for their red spot tails on their aircraft and red spot on the hulls of their ships which make them notable compared to other navies.


The Island of Saturn is one off the Jovian Empire's most unique in appearance. From a bird's eye view, it looks like a large ring which is actually the case. the Island is shaped like the great rings of Saturn and thus give the island it's name.

Inside the Island's ring is a great Inland sea known as Saturn Sea. This Sea is home to many drilling platforms that drill to extract oil and ore below the seabed. Saturn Ring City is the largest city on the island situated near a Arid Highland region. It is notably for the Half Ring Skyscraper towers which represent both halfs of the ring of Saturn and is the capital building of the Island. Saturn is supported by the Saturn Defense Corps or SDC. the SDC works along sided the rest of the Jovian Military in arid and desert climates and are known for their unique tactics. Their Aircraft are painted in Arid Colors to represent the arid surface of most of the island.


Unlike most other islands, Uranus Island is a large area with a major bay area. Said bay area is home to the main city which one finds only part on the surface. The Island get's it's name from it's unnatural blue color grass as well as a large mountain range running down North to South through the middle.

The Bay itself keeps the main city known as Uranus Underewater City safe from harm as it sits below the waves of the ocean. The underwater city boasts a high amount of population as well as the highest university of oceanic study, Uranus Univeristy or UU for short. Also located underwater is the massive Submarine Base which on the surface shows just a grey concerete base. Below however, that is a different story with the yard allowing subs to go in and out of the base without surfacing outside of the facility but rather dive and surface within the concerete bunker. Incase of Nuclear War, a massive ARK submercable ship sits within the lower levels of the base, waitting to be loaded and depart.


Neptune is a island with deep blue grass and a very deep blue color to it's water surrounding the Island. The Island is known for it's Lagoons and a large population number with many popular cities scattered across the area.

Neptune Lagoon is the first major Lagoon and is home to the capital of the island, Neptune Lagoon City. The Bay is deep blue like the Gas Giant itself and at night sometimes, it glows bueatifuly under the moonlight making for romantic evenings almost any time of year.

The other Lagoon city is known as Blue Moon Bay, often called BMB or Blue Moon Lagoon. This Lagoon has a much brighter blue color compared to Neptune Lagoon. Blue Moon Lagoon is home to it's city known as Blue Moon City, a Cosmopolitan City with high rise skyscrapers. The city is home to the Blue Moon Basers Baseball Team and the Moon Lagoon American Football Team.

A 3rd major city on Neptune is the city of Inkopolis. The culture of Inkopolis is rather strange compared to other cultures with it's kid to tennagers competeting in paint ball games constantly across multipe regions in the area. The city sits across the Bay from Blue Moon City and is connected by a large pair of Suspension Bridges known simply as Hammerhead Bridge. The Radio and TV Stations of Inkopolis News Time[INT] and Off the Hook[OtH], provide the broadcasting to both Blue Moon City and Inkopolis while the newest radio duo called Coral Star[CS], is currently setting up in Inkopolis Bay.

The 4th major city on Neptune is known as Gummy Grotto which lays just north of Blue Moon City along Neptune Highway 2. Gummy Grotto is known for it's production of Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms and any other kind of Gummy food, it is major in terms of being a high area of sweets and currently stands as the candy capital of the Jovian Islands.






























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