Johnnean Dominion of Naun

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Johnnean Dominion of Naun
Flag Naun flag.png

Es lebe der König Es lebe das Parlament
La Marsialles
Annetta, TX, U.S.
Capital cityCarjal
Largest cityWohnzimmerStadt
Official language(s)English, Naunian, German, French, Esparanto
Official religion(s)Christian, Milkist
Short nameNaun/ JDN
DemonymNauni, Johnnean Nauni
GovernmentMonarchich Democracy
- kingKing Johnny
- Parlaimentry leaderThomas Allen jr.P
- Number of seats - 4
- Last election - only if there are more than 4 canidates running for Parlaiment
Area claimed1.5 acres about
CurrencyU.S.D., Johnnean Royal Frank, Naun Geld
Time zoneCST
National sportFutball, Kickball
National dishSpagghetti
National drinkwater
National animalCardinal
Patron saintnone


The Name Johnnean Dominion of Naun is from the fact that the former micronation of Naun is now a Dominion of the Kingdom of Johnny Land.


The nation of Naun was originally before it became Naun called the Sun City Republic. the sun city republic was quickly forgotten after about 3 weeks. later it was remade as the Republic of Naun. Naun quickly declared war on Astain for no reason as Astain, Delphia, former North Dutch Korea, and a lot more. they found allies in the New soviet republic (who changed their name to Sovakstan soon after) and Catland. Naun then helped Sovakstan in the Sovakstanian civil war and the sovak-ipadian war. Then they supported the communists, even though they were an enemy of Naun, in the Delphian civil war. a couple of months later they surrendered to Astain and made relations with Natlin and the new Delphia. A little bit later in 2020, they started to make relations with the Kingdom of Johnny Land on 21/4/20 They stopped relations with natlin because the helped a nation the Democratic Republic of Housistan form and declare war on Johnny Land. Later on, 25/4/20 Naun offered Johnny Land the Lands of Naun as a Home Ruling Dominion King Johnny accepted and at 12:00 am on 26/4/20 PST The PRN became the JDN.


A parliament is a group of 4 people who volunteer if there are more than 4 people running there will be an election where the 4 with the most votes will get a seat. Once a law or something is passed by Parliament it will be reviewed by the king an either passed or denied.


The JDN does not have an official military but is a branch of Johnnean Military so far the military has 1 unit/division called the 1st Infantry & Artillery Unit.


  • Haugamount Campaign - Lost