Joeriaki Cuisine

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Joeriaki Cuisine Joeriaki Cuisine
Infludens Dutch , Italian , Turkish , Hebrew , Indian , Malaysian and Surinamese Cuisine
Origins Nusa Barung , Egmont Islands and some Micronations in The Netherlands
Important Recepies Ugha Pizza Tÿskevÿ , Ugha Pizza Dööchbän , Pänvee mit Ãşiivůlů
Example Example


Ugha Pizza Tÿskevÿ (Uğhur Tÿskÿvÿ Pissá)

A pizza with frikandel and chips on it.

Uğhur Tÿskÿvÿ Pissá

Ugha Pizza Dööchbän (Uğhur Döchban Pissá)

A sort of Turkish Pizza with scrambled eggs inside of it.

Ugha Pizza Dööchbän

Pänvee mit Ãşiivůlů

A pancacke with marshmallowplate and apple syrup inside of it.

Pänvee mit Ãşiivůlů


Marshmallowplate with mostly flavoured: Pandan , Kola Champagne or Vannilla. But less common also Apple , Green Punch and Orange flavour.