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King Nicholas Fisher I
King Of Cloverzem
King Nicholas Fisher
2nd Prime Director of the Kingdom of Auvenum
Assumed office:
October 20, 2018 - December 22, 2018
Monarch Russell I
Predecessor Maximilian von Schroeder
Successor Vacant (next Nicholas Randouler)
Assumed office:
Jan 1, 2019 - Jan 19, 2019
Monarch Russell I
Successor Nicholas Randouler
Personal information
Born 22 July 2004 (2004-07-22) (age 15)
Brooklyn, NY
Birth name Nicholas A. Fisher
Citizenship U.S.; Auvenese; Aenderese; Bepistanian; Ikonian
Nationality American, Italian, Irish, German
Political party Republican-Conservative Party of New York State
Residence Brooklyn
Religion Catholic

Nicholas Fisher is the current king of Cloverzem And Former Prime Minister in Bepistan, Former Prime Director of Auvenum, Former President, Vice President, and Speaker of the house Aenderese Republic


Micronational Positions

Nicholas Fisher is the incumbent Chief of Detectives in Ikonia. He was also the Prime Director Of Auvenum after the predecessor Maximillian von Schroeder Stepped Down and illegally seceded the 2 of the 3 isles of Auvenese Territory in Antarctica.

Conflicts That Involved Nicholas Fisher

Whilst in Aenderia he was under suspicious watch for telling the Aenderia Government that Auvenum was Creating "Nuclear Missiles," and was not Proven Guilty but later banned due to "racism" which was then overruled and got his Aenderian Citizenship back. Fast Forward to 11/07/18, Clover Ordered the Bombing of Fort Clover in Kivaria, when Prince Gilzem Ordered the invasion into the Kir Isles.

Fisher’s Rise To President

Fisher set his eyes as a candidate for a house seat in Aenderia. As so he did. He became an HOE member for the Aenderian government. Then after 2 months, became Vice President of Aenderese Republic under the Lycon and Milaw administration, then He pursued the impeachment of then Incumbent President Milaw Oakforrest, And he charged her with passing a law illegally, and the HOE found her guilty, and had to resign. Making Fisher’s the President of The Aenderese Republic Clover then resigned 5 days later due to Changing the Republic’s Ideology “supposedly he did it illegally” which he talked with 1 of the two Vice Presidents Matthew Laptev His Secretary of State Russell Gilzem and his Supreme Justice, Archie Birch And they agreed on communism. After The resignation from aenderia’s Office, he became a refugee of misberia, there placed in a government office as Secretary of Justice. Then became the Vice President of Misberia. But in the midst of all that, he became the Prime Director of Bepistan and Founded The Micronation Republic of Cloverzem

Fisher’s Interests and Misc

Fisher loves Cadbury Chocolate Eggs and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a comedy about police officers in Brooklyn. Fisher also loves the song “Hero” by Skillet and the song Rocky Mountain High by John Denver, it reminds him of his Late Grandfather who passed on November 23, 2018. Fisher and his Family stayed by his side till he passed. He founded his Nation because of his Grandfather, Therefore the Name New Sterling. Jay Clover also hates Liberalism,Democrats, and Socialists. Fisher is a Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment, And Anti Illegal Immigration, because he is from a legal immigrant family from the Countries of Ireland and Italy.

Jay Clover’s Auvenese investigation

Jay Clover’s Side

On December 22, 2018 Jay Clover Launched an investigation on Russell Gilzem. Accusing him of multiple charges. This Went To Court and The Judge Was Decided as Nicolas Millan. Nicolas Millan Was Indeed in Gilzems Favor. He voided all of the Charges Due to “not enough evidence”. Jay Clover Resigned as Auvenum Prime Director, and firing Tom Kap whom Jay claims to Extremely Hate. He was Reinstated as deputy Prime Director that day. Jay Clover Quit micronationalism, and a day later people voted in his favor in the Aenderia HOE Election. And he won the seat. Jay Clover’s Mission was to Have everyone live in unity.

Gilzem's Side

Jay Clover was misinformed that Gilzem was "giving land to Aenderia." However, this was incomplete. The true story is that Gilzem was giving land across the river from White Island to a new republic known as the Republic of Verus. Of course, Jay wasn't buying it and launched an investigation on Gilzem.

Jay chose Nicolas Milan as the judge who voided most of Jay's charges due to the fact that it was justified by the Auvenese government. It was justifiable by the constitution of Auvenum. Some included "hate speech" which is justified because of Freedom 1, "free speech."

Clover claims that Nicolas Milan, the judge, was a "pro-Gilzem supporter," but Milan doesn't necessarily like Gilzem. He's neutral.

Jay Clover argued that it was "international court" and that all of Gilzem's charges included the entire micronational community. However, Gilzem was being investigated by the Court of Madison, which is the judiciary of Auvenum. Thus, the Court of Madison was to focus only on Auvenum's laws.

Thus, Clover received harsh criticism for his actions, to the point where even Aenderia decided to side with Gilzem.

After all this pressure, Clover resigned as Prime Director, cancelling the investigation on Gilzem.

Awards Given to Jay Clover

Order of the Clover AendereseFlag.png

Award of Georgi’s Ribbon GRibbon.png

Order of the Rose AendereseFlag.png

Auvenese Medal of Valor AuvFlag2.png

Auvenese Award of Government Service AuvFlag2.png

Auvenese Award of Military Service AuvFlag2.png