Jacob of Estaphel

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King of Estaphel
King of Estaphel
Reign5 March 2014 - present
PredecessorMonarchy established
Born5 March 2000 (2000-03-05) (age 24)
Darlington Memorial Hospital, Darlington, United Kingdom w:United Kingdom
HouseHouse of FitzGibbon
FatherPrince Gareth, Duke of Barnard Castle
MotherPrincess Kate, Duchess of Springfield

His Majesty King Jacob is both the founder of and first and so far only King of Estaphel. He is head of the royal House of FitzGibbon, although is not the head of the chapters of the family outside the royal line.

Early life

Jacob was born in Darlington on 5 March 2000 to Gareth and Kate Smith. Jacob's sister was born in Darlington on 28 March 2002, shortly before Gareth and Kate divorced. Between 2005 and 2014, Jacob and his mother and sister lived in various houses in Richmond, North Yorkshire and moved into the house in which Estaphel was established in 2012.

Jacob is openly gay, and came out in early 2014.

King of Estaphel

In early 2014, Jacob founded the Kingdom of Jacobia from his bedroom as an absolute monarchy after reading a book in the school library containing a section on micronations. He soon annexed the rest of the house. In late March 2016, the Jacob moved house with his mother and sister, and the Kingdom was moved and the claim relinquished. This would happen once more before the transition to the First Commonwealth of Estaphel was formed.

On 20 September 2019, Jacob took up temporary residence in Newcastle upon Tyne in one of the student accommodation buildings at Newcastle University. This move was shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic, and he returned to Richmond following the United Kingdom's lockdown in March 2020. He once again moved to Newcastle upon Tyne in September 2020, and maintained residence there as the capital, which he named Olic.

On 16 September 2021, Jacob's mother, now styled Princess Kate, married Andy Gaines. Following this, Jacob proclaimed his now step-father Duke Andy. In 2022 the two moved to what is now the province of Springfield, and were granted the titles Duke and Duchess of Springfield.

Jacob graduated from Newcastle University in July 2022, and remained at Olic.

In February 2023, Jacob ended the Commmonwealth of Estaphel's long-standing policy of isolationism in joining MicroWiki and the MicroWiki Discord server. To celebrate this, he founded the Royal Society.

Personal life

Jacob is an atheist, and has established this within the Commonwealth of Estaphel.

Between 2019 and 2022 Jacob studied biology at university. After graduating, he decided to take a break from academia to work and decide what to do next. While at university, he was the President of the Bee Society and kept an apiary on the main campus of Newcastle University. In January 2023, he gave a public lecture about bee diseases at the Lit & Phil, of which he is a member, to further his interest in bee-related education.

Shortly after beginning university, he began a romantic relationship with the current royal consort, who is internally given the style of Prince.

Jacob is a long-time fan of the British sci-fi television programme Doctor Who, and maintains a spreadsheet in which he rates stories and generates rankings for various components of the show.


Jacob's maternal great uncle maintains a keen interest in genealogy, and has compiled numerous family trees and books about his ancestry, which Jacob shares. Notable individuals include John FitzGibbon, 1st Earl of Clare and actress Tara Fitzgerald.