Itzen Memo

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Itzen Investigation
Released UnderItzen Investigation
AuthorAttorney General SONS Owen Itzen
Released5 April 2019
Main FiguresMaximilian Joseph and President Cooper Norfolk

The Itzen Memo was a memo of the Itzen Investigation released by Attorney General SONS Owen Itzen on 5 April 2019.



On 5 April 2019, Attorney General Sons Owen Itzen announced that he had released the memo for the Itzen Investigation. The public of the Democratic Republic of Seybold was very excited about the memo being released, as the majority of citizen want Maximilian Joseph, the man at the centre of this investigation, to be deported from the micronation. New citizens and old citizens alike are very happy about the memo being released, especially the citizens that were affected by the actions of Maximillian Joseph. Attorney General Sons Owen Itzen released the Itzen Memo to the current President of the Democratic Republic of Seybold President Cooper Norfolk to be reviewed and grammatically edited. President Cooper Norfolk finished the duty at about 06:00 GMT-5 and then distributed it among the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Seybold about two hours after it was edited. “I personally think that the memo from Mr. Itzen is quite vague and could have been improved,” said President Cooper Norfolk earlier this morning. President Cooper Norfolk May have thought that because the Itzen Memo did not really put direct blame on any one particular that has residence in the Democratic Republic of Seybold. The first copy of the Itzen Memo that was released to the public was released to the Seybold Today newspaper, which was a very special moment for the Seybold Today newspaper staff. The Itzen Memo paper is titled “Office of the Attorney General, Itzen Memo” in all caps at the top of the Itzen Memo paper. The Itzen Memo says quote, “Unfortunate events have ruled out over the past few weeks. Treason, slacking, threatening, and a possible civil war. I don’t like to point out names, ever, but President Cooper Norfolk has informed me through verbal communication and physical evidence that Maximillian Joseph has threatened people and threatened to murder a government member. I’m not sure of how I think of this myself. I do not know if the correct punishment is to deport him, but I’m sure the president will make the correct decision.” The Memo is somewhat vague but does release other information about what Maximillian Joseph did. It revealed that Maximillian Joseph has committed two more offenses, harassment and threatening a government member. Those two offenses are not officially against the law, but they are definitly shamed upon by the Seyboldish community and they are horrible crimes to commit. The Seybold Today newspaper is guessing that the harrassment charges are coming from Iyan Seeker and President Cooper Norfolk, since they have accused Maximillian Joseph of verbally and physically harrassing them. We do not know where the charge of Threating a Government Member came from, but it is expected to be a newer government member such as Liam Henry or Ben Oh. This memo is one of the largest developments of the Itzen Investigation and the Democratic Republic of Seybold overall. This gives more information to make it seem like a good idea to deport Maximillian Joseph, which was suggested by Attorney General SONS Owen Itzen in the Itzen Memo. President Cooper Norfolk was given the power to deport Maximillian Joseph, even though he will most likely order the head of the Seybold Department of Immigration Emmett Winters to deport him through an order of the President of the Democratic Republic of Seybold. Government members and citizens of the Democratic Republic of Seybold alike seem to be very happy about the new memo and the fact that Maximillian Joseph could be deported. If he was deported, he would be deported back to his country of origin, the United States of America, where he has a home and family.