Free State of Bir Tawil

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The Free State of Bir Tawil
National Flag

Glory the Nation
Map of Bir tawil.png

Official language(s)English (UK)
Official religion(s)Christianity
DemonymCitizen of Free State of Bir Tawil
Established25 June 2020
Time zone(EST)
National sportBasketball
National animalSquirrel

The Free State of Bir Tawil, also known as Bir Tawil is a micronation based in Bir Tawil. The micronation has a population of 3 and is 2000 km2 in size. The micronation recognizes Benjastan. The Free State of Bir Tawil is offering citizenship. To attain citizenship please click this link.


The Free State of Bir Tawil government is a single person government (for now due to lack of population) however each county may have its own laws and government with all the laws of the main government still in place. The government works on benefiting the people in whatever way possible.


The micronation has a new outlet called the free state press. The Free State Press publishes news about the Free State of Bir Tawil and its politics. There is also FreeStateTV which is has aired its first episode on the 26th of June.


The Free State of Bir Tawil is based in Bir Tawil. A part of the Sahara Dessert in between Egypt and Sudan that has been unclaimed for nearly 100 years.