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The Intermicronational Community, originally the New Community, was a pressure group existing in 2017 which claimed to be a new micronational community. It was established in August 2017 by a number of individuals led by Mark Kavanah in opposition to what he described as a "class system" in the MicroWiki Community, in which he stated that an intermicronational class of individuals more focused on the Community than on their own micronations used their status in organisations like the Grand Unified Micronational and their influence over the micronational Skype rooms to wield the influence of the respected Old Guard and determine who was and was not allowed to be part of the Community. Initially, the New Community intended to establish a parallel community still centered on MicroWiki and never directly attacked the Old Guard, but Kavanah became involved in a dispute with the site administrators after he was not permitted to make an article on the NC, accusing Jonathan I of censorship. The dispute escalated when Jonathan wrote and locked an inflammatory article on the Community and when Kavanah agreed to claim that the New Community supported Delvera in a diplomatic dispute between them and Austenasia. On 5 September, the NC was renamed to the Intermicronational Community and its remaining members, who numbered around ten, left MicroWiki, now antagonising Jonathan I and the Old Guard more than the so-called intermicronational class.