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Interestism, in italian "Interessantismo", also known as Technosocialism, Virtual Socialism or Green Socialism is a new ideology, born in Italy on the XXI century.

Interestism is an ideal that promotes socialist ideologies on the internet, aiming at a transformation of the virtual world argue that the main internet websites are in the hands of the bourgeoisie and claim to fight the bourgeoisie through its own internet medium, constituting virtual collectives.

In addition to an appreciation of the virtual world and video games, interestism is also a socialist ideology, the interestists can be of different ideologies: Samuele Cheli for example is a maoist-interestist, because Cheli is maoist.

Meaning of the name

The term derives from the italian motto. "Interesse per i Popoli" (en:"Interest for the people").


  • It is based on four principles of brotherhood, liberty, equality and determination.
  • The Interestism has an open view of the world, it sets as ideal that of a nation where each person can help other people as well as the state based on situations basing everything on a collective, where every social difference is eliminated, abandoning the principles of capitalism, enhancing the values ​​of culture and country, always trying to improve them.
  • In Interestism, every person is important where each of them has the right to receive the food necessary for survival without supporting payment, supporting the nation's progress towards the future.
  • Interestism is opposed to any form of absolutism and aims at true republicanism.
  • In Interestism, scientific progress is strongly supported, especially in medicine because with it it is possible to guarantee good health to all citizens.
  • Moreover, in the interest of the people, the value of volunteering is taught to the people where it will intervene also together with the government where it can serve. A value that will be taught in schools.
  • Interestism is opposed to any kind of repression and censorship and wants freedom of expression and context, giving up any ideological freedom where everyone can the ideas it follows. As long as it does not repress others.


The interestist philosophy assumes an "Optimistic-Nihilist-Realist" philosophy. In practice, it sees as the main sense of life that of guaranteeing happiness to as many people as possible, supporting the idea that hard work can lead to any goal. but all this based on the reality of the times, history and facts.

Interestism approves also the marxist historical materialism.

Religion Views

Interestism is secularist supporting the religious freedom of the individual except all those religious who instigate evil and violence, support the idea of deism rather than that of absolute atheism.


Actually the interestist vision of the economy is a marxist vision of that, for example, interestism approves the marxist law of value.

In the past, the economic system of the Interestism was an social-economic system in which primary goods and public services are available without the use of money, credit, exchange or debt. But to the work done by the individual in the state (such as making a separate collection or a volunteer). The premise on which it is based is that it is necessary to use any resource present in an area politically and physically owned considering that the earth is a closed system, thus aiming at low-cost renewable sources. this system practices rations through monetary methods based on the situation in the country.


it is represented by a sun that is almost always yellow, This meaning is originated by the fact that the sun being large is able to heat all of us giving us its energy it is able to involve everyone.

Social views

it is opposed to social degenerations and fashions considering them useless things.

It also opposes any substance that immediately causes independence.